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Campus Resources

The College of William and Mary has a very active LGBT undergraduate group, Lambda Alliance.  They meet weekly at 7:30pm in Morton Hall, room 20.

Safe Zone

"Safe Zone seeks to reduce homophobia and hetersexism at the College of William and Mary to make our campus a safer and freer environment for all members of the community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity."

The Counseling Center

"The Counseling Center offers a range of free professional services to students wanting help with personal concerns. We work with psychological problems, relationship and family issues, academic and personal stress, and crisis situations. Students are initially seen by an individual counselor. Continuing services, if needed, may be offered in the form of individual, couple, family, or group meetings, depending on what best matches the student's need. We also provide consultation to friends, faculty, and parents concerned about a student in distress."

The Office of Equal Opportunity

"The College of William and Mary is committed to equal opportunity. The College values diversity and is actively engaged in enriching the diversity of its faculty, students and staff. Central to the College's mission is provision of a climate that is welcoming to all people. William and Mary does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex/gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, political belief, disability, veteran status, age, or any other category protected by the Commonwealth or by federal law."

Mosaic House

"Mosaic House is a co-ed space in the Jamestown dorms. Students living in Mosaic House organize their own events-film series, speakers, diversity workshops, cultural fairs. Students are involved in on-going intellectual exchange about culture, diversity, interracial community, and alternative lifestyles. Mosaic provides a supportive space for students at the intersection of the campus's growing diversification, and also welcomes students who wish to expand their cross-cultural understanding. Programs serve Mosaic House members and, at times, the broader campus community."

William and Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni

"The William and Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni organization exists to provide links between William and Mary alumni and the William and Mary community of students, faculty and staff. We provide student support for student activities, through the Lambda Alliance; we provide educational support for gay, lesbian and other gender identity studies, through fund raising and direct participation; and we provide support for alumni through networking, social community and Homecoming events."