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Laura W. Ekstrom

Laura W. Ekstrom is the Francis S. Haserot Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Professor Ekstrom's research interests range over metaphysics and ethics, centering on issues of human agency, including free will, moral responsibility, autonomy and the self.  She has also published work in the philosophy of religion, as well as on the nature of compassion and its role in medicine. 

 Selected Recent Presentations:

"Indeterminist Free Will," September 2019, Free Will and Causation Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany.

"Whose Fault is Hell?" October 2017, Theistic Ethics Workshop, William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA.

"Free Will Skepticism, Event-Causal Libertarianism, and Forgiveness," April 2016. Pacific APA, San Francisco, CA.

"Suffering and the Value of Free Will," October 2015, University of Nottingham Department of Philosophy, and The Butler Society, Oriel College, Oxford University, England.

"Hope for Free Will Libertarianism?" Freedom, Determinism, and Responsibility ConferenceMarch 2014, The Queen's College, Oxford University, England.

"Commentary on Alvin Plantinga's 'Law, Cause, and Occasionalism," Faith and Reason: Themes from Swinburne ConferenceSeptember 2014, Purdue University.

"Would God Create Beings with Libertarian Free Will?" Conference on Divine ActionAugust 2014, University of Innsbruck, Austria.

"Libertarianism, Luck, and Value," Center for the Philosophy of FreedomApril 2014, University of Arizona.

"Religion on the Cheap," Logos Workshop on Theological Realism and Anti-Realism, May 2013, The University of Notre Dame. 

"The Nature of the Will," Conference on The Will: Past and Present, April 2011, The University of Southampton, England.

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