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Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding Opportunities

GSA Research Grant 

Up to $1000 for research supplies not covered by other funding sources. 

Awarded 1x per semester

Contact: Tricia Thibodeau 


GSA Travel Grant 


Up to $600 for travel to a conference. Preference given to students that have not yet recieved the reformatted award. 

Awarded 1x per semester and 1x in the summer. 

Contact: Gail Schweiterman 


W&M Student Activity Fee Conference Funding

Up to $400 for travel expenses and registration; Eligible once per academic year
: Mar, June, Sept, & Dec



External Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities - A compiled list (pdf) of potential graduate student funding opportunities. Updated March 2016.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

3 years of support ($30,000 stipend, $10,500 tuition)
Due: November

EPA STAR Fellowship

3 years of support (stipend and tuition, varies by degree)
Due: November 

Anchor QEA Scholarship

For research support ($500-$5,000)
Due: November

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

1 year of support ($30,000 stipend, $12,000 tuition, $10,000 research)
Due: March

GWIS National Fellowships

For women conducting graduate research ($1,000-$5,000 for research)
Due: January

Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Reseach

Research support ($500-$2,000)
Due: February

MTS Student Scholarships

For research support ($1,000-$2,500); must be a student member (free)

NERRS Graduate Research Fellowship

1-3 years of support ($20,000 stipend)
Due: November, offered when position opens

Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

1 year of support ($49,000)
Due: Feburary

Smithsonian Graduate Student Fellowships

3 years of support ($30,000 stipend) for predoctoral fellowships, research support ($6,500) for students
Due: January

Eligibility in final year of PhD:

AAUW American Fellowship

For women completing their doctoral dissertations
Due: November

Josephine De Karman Fellowship

1 year of support ($22,000 stipend) for those defending by the next calendar year
Due: January


A helpful site with a search engine for scholarship and fellowship opportunities.