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AidData, TRIP, and Other Collaborative Initiatives

AidData's China in Africa Data Portal
AidData: Open Data for International Development
AidData Twitter

Climate Change and African Political Stability

Center for International Development and Conflict Management

Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations 

Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP)
TRIP Data Interface

Political Science and International Relations

American Political Science Association 
Annual Reviews of Political Science 
Columbia International Affairs Online 
Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations 
International Financial Institutions Research Site 
International Political Economy Society 
International Relations Theory  
International Studies Association 
The Political Economy of International Organizations 
Ultimate Political Science Links 

Public Policy

William & Mary Master of Public Policy Program

Working Papers

APSA Proceedings


Foreign Aid Data from AidData
Paul Hensel’s Data Site
TRIP Data Portal

World Bank Data Visualizer

Co-authors' and Friends' Websites

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Aid Watch by William Easterly

The Center for Global Development Policy
Daniel W. Drezner  
The Duck of Minerva 
Monkey Cage

Political Violence at a Glance

James Vreeland - the vreelander 

War on the Rocks