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Graduate Students

Micah Scholer (Fall 2011, Boise State University, co-advisor Dr. Jim Belthoff) Land cover and topographic effects on cavity-nesting owl occurrence and the role of species interactions in structuring cavity-nesting owl communities. Micah is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia.

Daniel Ramos (Fall 2012) Using a multi-scale life-history approach to explore occupancy patterns of pond-breeding anurans in eastern Virginia. 

Morgan Niccoli (Spring 2013) Is occupancy modeling a feasible alternative to collecting demography data? Morgan works as an ecologist for an environmental consulting firm in Georgia.

Robert Isdell (co-advisor Dr. Randy Chambers, Fall 2013) Anthropogenic modifications of connectivity at the aquatic-terrestrial ecotone in the Chesapeake Bay. Robert is a Ph.D candidate in the Bilkovic lab at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Jessica Pouder (Spring 2014) Using human footprint models and land cover variability to predict ecological processes. Jessica works an envrionmental consulting firm.

Vitek Jirinec (Spring 2015) Wood Thrush habitat use at the home range scale: Implications for local distribution. Vitek is a Ph.D candidate in Phil Stouffer's at Lousiana State University.

Katie MacCormick (Summer 2015) Species distribution modelling of an invasive plant: Factors influencing the establishment of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare). Kaite currently biology at the Tidewater Community College and GIS at William and Mary.

Angela Zappalla (Spring 2016) Factors affecting temporal variation in occupancy of two common species of butterflies in woodlands of the eastern United States, Papilio glaucus and Eurytides marcellus.