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Dr. Meghan M. Sinton's Teaching and Research Website

M Sinton


Meghan M. Sinton, PhD 

Department of Psychology

College of William and Mary



Office: Integrated Science Center (ISC), 1105


Office Hours: T/R/W by appointment

Spring 2017 Courses

Introduction to Psychological Research Methods with Lab (Psyc 302, TR 11-12:20; Thursday labs 3:30-4:50, 5-6:20 in ISC 3rd floor computer lab)

Developmental Psychology (Psyc 310, TR 8:00-9:20)

Freshmen Seminar Body Image in Children and Adolescence (COLL 150 course): T/R 12:30-1:50

Adolescent Development Seminar (Psych 470): Wednesdays 3:30-6:20pm

Supervision of Directed Readings (2 credits)

Other Courses Taught: Advanced Seminar in Developmental Research Methods with Lab (Psyc 410), Health Psychology, Lifespan Topics

Directed Readings Possible Topics: body image, disordered eating, obesity, developmental disorders (e.g., spectrum disorders, internalizing symptoms, self-injury), sexual health, adolescent/emerging adulthood identity and relationships

Selected Publications

Vannucci, A., Theim, K.R.,  Kass, A., Trockel, M., Genkin, B., Weisman, H., Aspen, V. Sinton, M.M., Jacobi, C., Wilfley, D.E., & Taylor, C.B. (in press). Dimensional and categorical approaches to understanding binge eating episodes in college-age women at high risk for eating disorders. Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology.

Vannucci, A., Kass, A., Sinton, M.M., Aspen, V., Wilfley, D.E., & Taylor, C.B. (in press). An examination of the Clinical Impairment Assessment among women at high risk for eating disorder onset.  Behavior Research and Therapy

Sinton, M.M., Goldschmidt, A.B., Passi, V.A., Theim, K., Stein, R.I., Saelens, B.E, & Wilfley, D.E. (2012). Psychosocial correlates of shape and weight concerns in overweight pre-adolescents associated with risk for disordered eating among overweight youth.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence (special issue on obesity), 14(1), 67-75.

Theim, K.R., Sinton, M.M., Stein, R.I., Saelens, B.E., Thekkedam, S., Welch, R.R., & Wilfley, D.E. (2012). Child and parent dietary coping efficacy during behavioral family-based weigh control treatment.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence (special issue on obesity), 14(1), 86-92.

Sinton, M.M. & Wilfley, D.E. (2011). Overweight in adolescence. In Brown, B.B. &  Prinsten, M. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Adolescence, Volume 3 Psychopathology and non-normative processes.Elsevier.

Goldschmidt A.B., Sinton M.M., Passi Aspen V., Tibbs T.T., Stein R.I., Saelens B.E., Frankel F., Epstein, L.H., Wilfley D.E. (2011). Psychosocial and familial impairment among overweight youth with social problems. International Journal of Obesity, 5, 428-435.

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Sinton, M.M. & Birch, L.L. (2006). Individual and sociocultural influences on pre-adolescent girls’ appearance schemas and body dissatisfaction. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 225 (2): 165-175.

Sinton, M.M. & Birch, L.L. (2005). Weight status and psychosocial factors predict the emergence of dieting in preadolescent girls. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 38(4): 346-354.