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International Interviews

The International Interviews Program was created as a means of bringing quick, current information to the student body. When guest speakers come to the College, members of the interview staff interview them and then publish the interviews. This is a relatively new publication, but already we have had the opportunity to interview international relations scholars such as John Mearsheimer and Kenneth Waltz. We have also had the opportunity to interview public officials such as ambassadors Pickering and Hussain. 

The International Interviews Committee interviews and participates in the publication of the interviews. To find out more about or become a member of this committee, email the Monitor at [[e|monitor]].

Fall 2015 Interviews: Volume 8, Number 1

John Everard - China's Tectonic Shift: Turning its Back on North Korea, Opening the Hermit Kingdom to the United States 


Spring 2015 Interviews: Volume 7, Number 1

Admiral Christopher Parry - "Allowing Time for Reflection:" Past and Present American Strategy in the Pacific and Middle East


Fall 2013 Interviews: Volume 6, Number 1

Stephen Walt - Applying Theory: A Scholar's Lessons for Policymakers and the Academy

Fall 2011 Interviews: Volume 5, Number 1

Andrew Rotter - Nuclear Proliferation Post-Fukushima
Kate Brown - Ethnic Tensions in the Post-Soviet Region

Spring 2011 Interviews: Volume 4, Number 2

Wayne May - On the Front Lines: Diplomatic Security in the 21st Century
Ori Nir - A Journalist's Perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Fall 2010 Interviews: Volume 4, Number 1

John Ikenberry - A Balance of Great Power and Transnational Threats
Michael Scheuer - Thinking Beyond the Military Option
Johnny Moloto - Exporting Lessons Learned from South African Democracy
Mark Monmonier - Privacy, Post-Google Earth

Spring 2010 Interviews: Volume 3, Number 2

Kyle Scott - Russia: Reseting Relations with the West
Lukas Haynes - Careers in International Relations: Lessons of a Graduate

Fall 2009 Interviews: Volume 3, Number 1

Elias Chacour - Pulled Three Ways in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Edward Lacey - The State Department: New Leadership, New Challenges

Spring 2009 Interviews: Volume 2, Number 2

Frederick Smith - Challenges in Modern Anthropology: An International Perspective
Peter Gourevitch - The Current Economic Crisis: Implications for the United States and Foreign Governments

Fall 2008 Interviews: Volume 2, Number 1

Thomas Pickering - Global Challenges and Opportunities Facing President-Elect Obama

Spring 2008 Interviews: Volume 1, Number 2

Kay Floyd - Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia
Dennis Ross - Conflict Mediation in the Middle East
Tourqir Hussain - Pakistan: Challenges Facing America's War Ally
Ali Ansari - Seeking Understanding of an Enigmatic Iran
John Mearsheimer - The Israel Lobby's Impact on US Foreign Policy

Fall 2007 Interviews: Volume 1, Number 1 

Front Matter
John Prendergast and Adam Shapiro - Darfur Genocide
Nicole Nelson-Jean - The State of Nuclear Security
William Beebe-Center - Revitalizing the Former Soviet Bloc
Peter Katzenstein - America's Role in a World of Regions
Kenneth Waltz - Nuclear Stability, American Primacy & Neorealism Revisited