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Spring 2021: Volume 26, Issue 2


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Front Matter
Transforming the U.S. Foreign Aid and Development Bureaucracy to Address Modern Global Challenges: Learning from the U.S. Intelligence Community and Foreign Ministerial Structures to Maxmize Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries by Bennett Hawley
Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats? The Risks of Trade and Global Value Chains in Mexico by Nitya Labh
Explaining Turkey's Foreign Policy Shift: Erdogans Agressive Moves Abroad in Exchange for Domestic and Regional Support by Mary Trotto

Fall 2020: Volume 26, Issue 1

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The Democratic Disconnect: Why Hamas' Apparent Ideological Moderation Has Not Led to Behavioral Moderation in Governance in the Gaza Strip by Danielle Batterman
Achieving Post-Conflict Justice through Strategic Litigation and Reparations: The Sepur Zarco Trial by Zoha Siddiqui
Osama bin Ladin, the CIA, and Save the Children: NGO Legitimacy and the Humanitarian Space by Mary Trimble

Spring 2020: Volume 25, Issue 2

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Front Matter
A Letter From Our Founders
Protest Memorialization and the Maintenance of Oppositional Culture in Post-Authoritarian States by Grace Bruce
The Price of Perpetual Production: Rectifying Human Rights Abuses in the Garment Industry by Laura Kirk
Social Media Revolutions and Ethnic Identity: Evidence from Ukraine and Armenia by Elizabeth Sutterlin

Fall 2019: Volume 24, Issue 1

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Front Matter
Diversionary Conflict: Rationally Desperate Behavior by James Card
On Thin Ice: A Profile of the Warming Politics of the Arctic by Rory Fedorochko
Variation in Form Among the Post-Arab Spring Tunisian and Libyan National Dialogues by Seth Fiderer

Spring 2019: Volume 24, Issue 2

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Gwadar Port: The Crown Jewel in The String of Pearls? by Corey York
The Foreign Policy Implications of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Project by Joseph Barnes
Memory as a Weapon to Fight Continued Oppression by Molly Keck
The Pressures of EU Accession: Democratic Consolidation and Domestic Forces by Caroline Morin

Fall 2018: Volume 24, Issue 1

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Front Matter
Development, Distinction, Destruction: The Coexistent Narratives of Russia's Resource Dependence and their Potential for Fostering Civic National Identity by Elizabeth Sutterlin
"Where Women Shine: Female Participation as a Strategy for Economic Growth in Japan by Elizabeth Sutterlin
The Economic and Political Consequences of Iceland's Tourist Boom by Jack Shangraw
The Coming Renewable Renaissance in Japan by Jacob Larsen

Spring 2018: Volume 23, Issue 2

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Front Matter
Russian Government Cyber-Attacks in Ukraine in 2014 Constituted an Illegal Use of Force by Ryan Hansen
Novyi Mir, Novaya Prava: The CIS Space in Transition by Graham Connors
Institutions and Regime Change: Deconstructing Tunisia as the Sole Democracy in the Arab World by Daniel Herrera
The Legality of the U.S. Drone Program Under International Law by Ryan Kelley

Fall 2017: Volume 23, Issue 1

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Front Matter
Strategy and Meaning in Gendered Violence: Rethinking Boko Haram by Emily Jackson
Renegotiating the Westphalian Ideal of the Nation-State: Sovereignty, Territoriality, and Nationalism in the Developing World by Caroline Nutter
Unprofessional but Effective: A Case Study of the Role of Professionalism in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard by Graeme Cranston-Cuebas

Spring 2017: Volume 22, Issue 2

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Front Matter
A Chinese School of IR? by Rebecca Thorpe
Securing a Communist Regime by Claiming the South China Sea by Taylor Brooks
The BRICS Bank: A New Paradigm for a Changing World Order by Rhea Menon
Reconsidering the Economics of Politics and Art: The Chilean Arpillera Movement as a Creative Social Intervention by Katie Freund

Fall 2016: Volume 22, Issue 1

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Front Matter
China and Russia: Playing A Game of Chicken in Central Asia by Carolyn De Roster
The Roles of Women in the Political Reforms in the Arab World in the 21st Century by Liam Arne
Los Desparadecidos: Enforced Disappearance and State Accountability by Maggie Poulos
A Study in Ballots: Analyzing Variations in Latin American Voter Turnout by Venu Katta

Spring 2016: Volume 21, Issue 2

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Front Matter
Mestizaje, Manuel Quintín Lame, and the Indigenous Struggle for Resguardos by Jeremy Ross
The Operation El Dorado Canyon Decision-Making Process by Christian McConville
Electoral System Shift and Political Representation in the Russian State Duma (2003-2007) by Alexandra Cole
Chinese Foreign Aid and U.N. Votes by Darice Xue 


Fall 2015: Volume 21, Issue 1

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Front Matter
Less Developed Countries: Trade Dependency Ratio and Intellectual Property Rights Regulations by Kristin Rodil
Azerbaijan's Prospects for Stability by Carolyn De Roster
Native Language and Cultural Relevance: A Study on the Acquisition of English Phonology by Nicole Kristen Fitchett
Paraguay Alone: The Effects of Isolation and Regional Imbalances on the Development of Paraguay by Hayley Tymeson
The Legacy of European Empire: Racial Thinking in Contemporary International Politics by Annelies Baneke

Summer 2014: Volume 19, Issue 1

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Front Matter
The Icelandic Model: Post-Crisis Economic Recovery and Sustainability by Joshua Fleitman
Ethnic Conflict in Xinjiang: A Multifaceted Evaluation by Emily Qiu
Thailand and 'Thaksinomics': The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Populist Economic Policy in Thailand by Connor Smith

Summer 2013: Volume 18, Issue 2

Front Matter
'I haven't changed them. I've abolished them!': Currency Reform, Price Controls, and the German Economic Miracle by Nicholas J. Bell
A Seat at the Negotiating Table: A Case Study of Northern Irish Rebel Groups by Matthew P. Chiarello
Revolutionary Namesake: José Gabriel Túpac Amaru and his Twentieth Century 'Descendants' by Jonathan Ettinger

Winter 2012: Volume 18, Issue 1

Front Matter
Revitalizing Relics: What Prevents Macedonia's Local Communities from Impacting Local Governance? by Connor P. Smith
The Invasion of Evasion: A Study of Determinants, Effects, and Enforcement of Tax Evasion by Wesley Stukenbroeker
Liberal Peace: A Dyad of Democray and Economic Interdependence, Grounded in Agent Desires by David R. Newbrander
Member Influence in the National Assemby for Wales by Nicholas J. Bell

Summer 2012: Volume 17, Issue 2

Front Matter
'There Will Be Many More:' An Examination of the Relationship Between 1996 U.S. Counternarcotics Funding and the 1997 Mapiripán Massacre in Meta, Colombia by Kylie Thorpe
Forced Begging in Senegal by Bridget Carr
Mass Incidents in Central China: Causes, Historical Factors and Implications for the PAP by Austin Strange
1980 U.S. Partial Grain Embargo: Pragmatism's Centrality to Argentine Refusal to Cooperate by Elizabeth Hennemuth
Metanarratives and Performative Perversity in the War on Terror by Joseph Lee

Winter 2011: Volume 17, Issue 1

Front Matter
Formulating Opinions: A Close Reading Analysis of Two National Newspaper's Editorial Reactions to the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989 by Isshin Teshima
An Introduction to Islamic Finance by Sean Dalton
Andean Artists in Colonial Quito: The Case of Nicolas Pauca and Francisco Monga by Jody Green
The Construction of a Modern Japanese Identity: A Comparison of 'Bushido' and 'The Book of Tea' by Nicolas Marro

Summer 2011: Volume 16, Issue 2

Front Matter
An African Prince at the Court of the Sun King by Philippe Halbert
Repeated Failures: Explaining the Rise and Tactics of the Current Wave of Radical Islamic Terrorism by Lindsay Hundley
Holding the Tiger by Its Tail: Chinese Maritime Expansion and the U.S. 'Hedge' Strategy in the Indian Ocean by Greg Yellen
A Confluence of Cultures: The Child Virgin Spinning Paintings of Colonial Peru by Casey Lesser

2011 Special Edition: Celebrating William & Mary's Global Community

Front Matter
A Remembrance of the Monitor's Past by Lukas Haynes and Denzel Hankinson
From the College to Kyrgyzstan: The Peace Corps and Humanitarian Aid in the Midst of Crisis by Jonathan Seiden
A Brief Case for the English School by Richard Jordan
From William and Mary to the Foreign Service by Jim Keith
Requirements of Religion in Xinjiang NAR by Kevin Newton
USAID and Conflict Prevention an interview with Judith Dunbar

Winter 2006: Volume 12, Issue 1

Front Matter
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Practices of Scholarship in International Studies by Daniel Maliniak and Brandon M. Stewart
The Gem of Africa: A First-Hand Look at Botswana's Successful Economic Development by Kaitlyn Smoot
Caliph vs. Sultan: Islam and Secularism in the 2006 Thai Coup by Kevin Newton
Racism, Assimilation, and Immigration: A New Culture in France? by Amy Zerwick
The Stewardship of a Nation: Heritage Preservation and Tourism in Barbados by Kimberley J. Peck
Questioning the Efficacy of Israeli Targeted Killings Against Hamas' Religio-Military Command as a Counter-terrorism Tool by Adam E. Stahl
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Winter 2010: Volume 16, Issue 1

Front Matter
Working Towards Equality: An Analysis of the Effort to Combat Gender-Based Violence in Amman, Jordan by Megan Keeling
Language as an Immigration Gatekeeper by Molly Copeland
Obama's European Missile Defense Strategy: Will France Play Nice? by Julia Zamecnik
A Hollywood Haunting in Spain: Raza (1942), Rebecca (1940), and Commemoration of the Spanish Civil War by Nathan Hoback
Examining Chinese Influence on Hong Kong's Business Environment since July 1, 1997 by Alexandre Pouille

Summer 2010: Volume 15, Issue 2

Front Matter
Themes of Unity and Division in Beta Israel Identity Formation by Allison Mickel
The Evolution of the Epistemic Community of Ocean Acidification by Morgan Elbot
Measuring the Dragon's Reach: Quantifying China's Influence in Southeast Asia (1990-2007) by Prashanth Parameswaran
Marginalization & Stigmatization: Spina Bifaida and Hydrocephalus by Johanna Christensen

Winter 2009: Volume 15, Issue 1

Front Matter
A Public Works Project: Burkina Faso by Amy Filipek and Jennifer Peterson
Jewish Immigrants in Australia: Before, During, and After World War II by Lisa Kepple
Taking Historical Archeology to the Kenyan Coast: Circa 1300, A.D. by Allison Mickel
The Author-Beholder Dichotomy: Franco Vaccari's 'Exhibitions in Real Time' by Julia Pentz
Arabic Language Use Online: Social, Political, and Technological Dimensions of Multilingual Internet Communication by Kira Allmann

Spring 2009: Volume 14, Issue 2

Front Matter
Teaching Both Bias and Tolerance: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Israeli and Palestinian Curricula by Emma Horton
Façonnable: The Creation of Modern Youth French Fashion by Alexandre Pouille
The Socio-Politics of Language in Post-Colonial Africa by Kira Allmann
The Sinaloa Cartel: A Study in the Dynamics of Power" by Tessa Vinson
Vodka Politics and NATO Expansion: Variables Contributing to a Strong Russian Reaction by Owen Hassig

Fall 2008: Volume 14, Issue 1

Front Matter
Prostitution Regimes in the Netherlands and Sweden by Hannah Carrigg
A Country Divided: A Study of the German Education System by Katelyn Andell
Power Language: Analyzing the Lexicon of Patriarchy in Menstrual Ritual by Kira Allmann
Education and Literacy in Afghanistan: Lessons of History and Prospects for Change by Hanif Yazdi
Defending the Middle Kingdom: Qing Frontiers of the 17th and 18th Centuries by Morgan Clemens

Spring 2008: Volume 13, Issue 2

Does Islamic Education Play a Role in Promoting Violence and Terrorism? by Nashrah Ahmed
Neglected Frontier: The Case for US Engagement in Central Asia by Liz Owerbach
Corporate Patriotism: An Analysis of the Private Military Industry by Brian Chiglinsky
To Be Unwelcome in One's Own Home: Statelessness in International Law by Michael Castellano
Rethinking Counterinsurgency Learning: Ideational Shifts and the Case of Southern Thailand by Prashanth Parameswaran

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