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Want to join the Monitor?

The Monitor is always looking for excited, interested students to become involved in the publication process. Undergraduates from any major at William & Mary are encouraged to apply.

Associate Editors are the most important part of the Monitor. Associate Editors are selected via an application process. The Associate Editor application has two key parts: 

  1. The staff application form: This lets the executive board learn about your background, skill set, and the reasons why you are interested in working for the Monitor.
  2. The sample review: In addition to the review form, we ask that you review a sample paper and make comments on the blank review form, attached below. We ask you to evaluate the thesis, overall argument, evidence, style, and mechanics of the paper. There are no exact answers we are looking for.  If selected to join the staff there is a thorough training process where you will learn the ins and outs of reviewing. In the application, we want to see that you can thoughtfully critique the paper. This critique should not only explain what you liked (or disliked) but also provide suggestions for improvement.

The completed application (application form and sample review) should be sent to by September 18, 2019

After being selected to become an Associate Editor , staff members are encouraged to come to our weekly executive board meetings where they can get more involved with the publicity, copy, production, and international interviews committees.

Attached Files:

Staff Application Form

Sample Paper

Sample Review Form