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Ongoing Outreach Interests:


Selected Outreach Activities

Work with local teachers in setting up molecular biology experiments in their classrooms as part of the initiative sponsored by the HHMI Biological Education Program Grant to the College of William and Mary (1999-present).

This has entailed providing the reagents, equipment, and necessary guidance for numerous teachers since 1999 so that they may perform molecular biology and biotechnology experiments in their classrooms.

Work with Dr. Matkins (School of Education) on Virginia Teachers Conference (HHMI funding)

Routinely present science talks in local public schools (1993-present)

Judge local science fairs at Queen's Lake School (1996-present)

Mentored high school students for entire academic year in laboratory projects for internship program: 2004 -2006

Judge York County Science Fair

Mentor local high school students for internships and/or science fairs (2000-present)

Present talk and/or moderated panel discussion for Johns Hopkins "Center for Talented Youth" Academic, College and Career Symposia hosted by the College (one to two each year, 1997 - 2002)

Mentor STAR students during summer in lab projects (1999 - present)

Presented career talk to STAR program participants (July, 2004, 2005, 2006)

Presented talk to teachers in Biology Advanced Placement workshop (July, 2003)

Provided an "afternoon" DNA Sequencing Activity for Chancellor Academy students (July, 2003); presented embryology unit (July, 2005)

Presented "Biotechnology Research and its Implications" talk to local Kiwanis Club (May,2002)

Served as mentor for UVA Spring Break Internship Program (March, 2002)

Presented talk to Gifted Students (Center for Gifted Education Focusing on the Future colloquium (Jan. '99)

Presented Keynote speech for regional Governor's School for Science and Technology Final Awards Ceremony (May, 1996)

Introduced speaker on human genome project for "Air and Space Museum" science series talks (October, 1995)

Taught two weeks of the Biology Governor's School and organized three lab sessions (1994); gave Career talk (1995)

Served as a mentor for a high school teacher as part of the Howard Hughes summer internship program (Summer, 1994)

Assisted with setting up a science center at campus daycare (1994)