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School Climate Subscales
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School Climate Subscales

Community Engagement

  1. Our school makes an effort to inform the community about our goals and achievements.
  2. Our school is able to marshal community support when needed.
  3. Parents and other community members are included on planning committees.
  4. Community members are responsive to requests for participation.
  5. Community members attend meetings to stay informed about our school.
  6. Organized community groups (e.g., PTA, PTO) meet regularly to discuss school issues.
  7. School people are responsive to the needs and concerns expressed by community members.

Teacher Professionalism

  1. Teachers respect the professional competence of their colleagues.
  2. Teachers help and support each other.
  3. Teachers in this school exercise professional judgment.
  4. Teachers are committed to helping students.
  5. Teachers "go the extra mile" with their students.
  6. Teachers make innovative suggestions to improve the overall quality of our school.*
  7. Teachers help students on their own time.*
  8. Teacher begin class promptly and use class time effectively.*

Teacher Professionalism (New Items)

  1. Teachers engage in collaborative inquiry in search of improved methods of instruction.
  2. Teachers are continually searching for new instructional methods.
  3. Teachers put the needs of students ahead of bureaucratic rules.
  4. Teachers in this school hold themselves to high standards of practice.
  5. Teachers in this school hold themselves to high ethical standards.
  6. Teachers observe in each others' classrooms.

Academic Press

  1. The school sets high standards for academic performance.
  2. Students respect others who get good grades.
  3. Academic achievement is recognized and acknowledged by the school.
  4. Students try hard to improve on previous work.
  5. The learning environment is orderly and serious.
  6. Students seek extra work so they can get good grades.

Collegial Leadership

  1. The principal is friendly and approachable.
  2. The principal puts suggestions made by the faculty into operation.
  3. The principal explores all sides of topics and admits that other opinions exist.
  4. The principal treats all faculty members as his or her equal.
  5. The principal is willing to make changes.

Organizational Citizenship

  1. Teacher committees in this school work productively.
  2. Teachers voluntarily help new teachers.
  3. Teachers volunteer to serve on committees.
  4. Teacher arrive to work and meetings on time.
  5. Teachers leave immediately after school is over.**
  6. Teachers schedule personal appointments at times other than during the school day.
  7. Teachers are rarely absent.
  8. Teachers volunteer to sponsor extracurricular activities.
  9. Teachers take the initiative to introduce themselves to substitutes and assist them.
  10. Teachers give colleagues advanced notice of changes in schedule or routine.

*also Organizational Citizenship

**reverse scored