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NSF Grant “Economic and Psychological Origins of Health Capital Accumulation.” Role: PI (solo). Duration: June 1, 2015 to April 30, 2020, $260,464

Reves Ceneter International Conference Travel Grants, 2018-2019, $1000.

Schroeder Center for Health Policy Summer Research Grant, 2017, $2,550

William and Mary Faculty Research Grant, 2017-2018, $9,600

William and Mary Research Seminar Development Grant, 2017, $5,000

Three Joint Faculty-Student Collaborative Grants, Vanderbilt, 2014-2015, $14,000

Littlejohn Faculty Fellow, Vanderbilt, 2014-2015, $4,000

Merck Quantitative Sciences Graduate Fellowship in Health Economics, 2009-2011, $20,000

Pine Foundation Research Grants, 2006-2009, $10,000

The University of Chicago Unendowed Merit Fellowship, 2004-2008, $12,000

Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) Global Supplementary Grants, 2004-2006, $10,000

Independent Institute for Social Policy (Ford Foundation) Research Grant, 2002-2003 (with Vladimir Matveenko)

Economics Education and Research Consortium–Russia (Eurasia Foundation) Research Grant, 2001-2002 (with Vladimir Matveenko)