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 Research Interests

Professor Pickering’s current research focuses on the impact of aid for democratization on local communities in culturally diverse post-socialist Eastern Europe.  She also works collaboratively on cross-regional research on the impact of efforts to improve the quality of local governance.  Professor Pickering is an active member of the AidData Research Consortium.  Additional research interests include civil society, ethnic politics, particularly in the Balkans; and statebuilding and refugee politics in post-conflict states in Eurasia. Through her mentorship of the award-winning international community engagement project, The American-Bosnian Collaboration (ABC) Project, she also supports student-led, collaborative research assessing informal educational activities that promote inter-cultural communication skills.



Peacebuilding in the Balkans: The View from the Ground Floor, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2007.

Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

SMS Texts on Corruption Help Ugandan Voters Hold Elected Councillors Accountable at the Polls,” with Mark T. Buntaine, Ryan Jablonski, and Dan L. Nielson,

Making Local Government Work Better: How local and internationally sponsored institutions interact to influence performance in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with Mirna Jusic, appendix

Public Scepticism of Civil Society Organisations in Serbia, with Sladjana Dankovic

Local governance in Bosnia: addressing both ethno-nationally and locally defined interests

Explaining the Varying Impact of International Aid for Local Democratic Governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Acting Locally: Shaping Local Governance Reforms in Bosnia and Kosovo

Assessing International Aid for Local Governance in the Western Balkans

Explaining Support for Non-nationalist Parties in Post-conflict Societies in the Balkans

Generating Social Capital For Bridging Ethnic Divisions in the Balkans: The Case of Bosniak-Dominated Urban Bosnia

Gaining Access: Courting Minorities in Postwar Bosnia

The Choices that Minorities Make: Strategies of Negotiation with the Majority in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Former Yugoslavia and Its Successors

What is to be Done? Succession from the League of Communists of Croatia

Works in Progress

How Violence and Doubts about Ballot Secrecy Neutralize Corruption Effects on Turnout: A Field Experiment in Uganda, with Ryan Jalonski, Mark Buntaine, and Dan Nielson, under review.

Evaluating the EU State-Building Model in the Western Balkans