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My name is Peng Yu (known as 于鹏 in Chinese). I am currently serving as a Chinese language instructor here at William and Mary. Graduated with a B. A. (2006) in English language from Hebei University of Technology (Tianjin, China), I taught English as a Foreign Language at multiple levels for one and a half years. In 2008 I came to the United States to start my graduate studies. I received my Master's Degree in 2010 from George Mason University (GMU) where I majored in foreign language education with concentration on Chinese language instruction. Upon graduation at GMU, the Graduate School of Education granted an Academic Award for Foreign Language program to me, and the Office of International Programs and Services recognized me among the international students of GMU for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Before I join in WM Chinese faculties, I taught Chinese language courses at Virtual Virginia (Virginia Department of Education's online course program) for one year.


In my Chinese language classroom I would commit myself to creating a student-centered learning environment where each and every student is engaged in the learning process. Utilizing instructional technology would also be an essential part of my teaching strategies. Creating an enjoyable and successful learning experience for students would be my greatest joy.