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Networks and Social Context at W&M


“Political Networks and Social Context in a College Community”

This project consists of a four wave panel of William and Mary students.  The entire student body was surveyed with a response rate of just over 50%.  Each student was asked a range of questions concerning political and social attitudes and behaviors, group memberships, media sources (particularly Facebook), and, most importantly,  list of their five best friends (which about 70% supplied).  By merging named students responses in with those of the ego, we create measures of aggregate level attributes of friendship group, of roommates, of Zone 2 friendship group (aggregate of friends of friends), and of hall, dorm and campus aggregates, allowing us to examine network and contextual effects across a range of variable of interest.  The first paper from this project was presented at the University of Michigan Conference on Network Analysis in June, 2011, and the second paper at the 2012 APSA conference