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Tea Party-FreedomWorks Reports/Papers

A major goal of this project is to understand the dynamics of the current Tea Party movement.  The primary data sources are:

1.  A survey of more than 12,000 FreedomWorks supporters carried out in December, 2011.  The first report is available (MS Word) here

2.  A resurvey of more than 2500 of the original survey responses carried March through April 2013.  The second Tea Party-FreedomWorks survey report is posted here.

3.  A survey of a national sample of 1000 registered voters from 2010-700 had rated the Tea Party "very favorably" in 2010; and 300 others had given it lower ratings, carried out by Polimetrix/YouGov.  Together these 1000 (when properly weighted) comprise a national sample.

A paper on both the registered voter sample and the FreedomWorks sample was presented at the Midwest Political Science Convention, "Republican Factionalism and Tea Party Activists."  Click here to download pdf verison