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Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs, June 2007. Masters in Public & Intl Affairs, 2002.

·   Dissertation:  “Does Local Governance Matter?”

·   Concentration in Comparative Political Development and South Asian studies. 


The Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) , Washington DC & Bologna

Masters in International Relations, May 1993.

Ÿ Concentration in development and economics. 


University of New Hampshire, year abroad: University of Cologne, Germany

Bachelor of Arts, May 1989.

Ÿ Dual-major in History and International Affairs.  Minors in Economics and German. 




The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, August 2005- current

Assistant Professor

·    Research Area:  Decentralization and local governance with a focus on South Asia

·    Courses taught:  Politics of Developing Countries, State-Building in Afghanistan, Politics of South Asia.


U.S. Election Observer Delegation to Afghanistan, Democracy International, August 2009

Official U.S. Election Observer

Ÿ Member of official election observer delegation, including meetings with presidential candidates and U.S. Ambassadors


The Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS),

Washington D.C., Academic Year 2008-2009

Visiting Scholar & Liechtenstein Institute Fellow

Ÿ  Research on local governance in South Asia, with a focus on Afghanistan and India

Ÿ  Taught a seminar on “Policy Options for State-Building in Afghanistan”


Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Princeton University, September 2002-July 2005

Asia Project Manager

·    Manager of the Asia Program & Carnegie Grant on State-Building in Afghanistan and the Region. 


Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, Spring Semester 1999

Preceptor/Teaching Assistant, Politics Department

Ÿ Taught four precepts for a “Race and American Politics” course also covering social, and gender issues.


Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines, July –September 1998

Summer Intern, Social Development Division

Ÿ Prepared case studies on ADB practices supporting social development, with emphasis on participatory processes.  Co-authored an internal study of the cross cutting lessons learned from these case studies.


The World Bank, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., March 1994 - December 1996 & Summer 1997

Consultant, Poverty and Social Policy Department

Ÿ Analyzed all Bank operations and analyses in Asia for impact on poverty and other social issues.

Ÿ Contributed to three annual Poverty Progress Reports and the poverty and social policy sections of the Annual World Bank and International Development Agency (IDA) Reports.

Ÿ Conducted fieldwork and social analysis for health projects and health sector report in India.


Center for International Education, Santiago, Chile, January – April, 1997

International Consultant

Ÿ Researched and established an exchange program between public school teachers in Chile and U.S. public schools for a U.S.-based NGO and held workshops with potential teachers and education officials.


United States Agency for International Development (USAID), New Delhi, India, Fall 1993


Ÿ Examined the Indian economic reform and privatization process with emphasis on the social consequences of privatization and the possible safety net mechanisms considered.


Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, Washington D.C., USA, March 1991 – June 1993

Program Associate

Ÿ Organized seminars on international social and economic issues and transatlantic relations.


Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski, Member of the German Parliament, Bonn, Germany, August 1989 – January 1991

Intern & subsequently Legislative and Research Assistant

Ÿ Provided all research and analysis for senior parliament member and foreign policy leader

Ÿ Published public policy research papers on such issues as Tibetan sovereignty, social implications of the arms industry conversion, and UN troop deployment through the German Parliament Research Service.



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·   “Afghanistan’s Neighbors: Trying to Understand Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian Interests in Afghanistan.” In: Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, ed., Petersberg Papers on Afghanistan and the Region, Princeton, NJ: Liechtenstein Colloquium Report IX, Princeton University, 2009. URL:

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·   Atul Kohli and Rani D. Mullen. “Democracy, Growth and Poverty in India.”  States, Markets, and Just Growth. United Nations University, 2003.


Unrefereed Publications:

·   “Maoism in Nepal: Insurgency Causes and Strategies for Development Agencies”.  Paper and annotated bibliography prepared for the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, Social Science Research Council in New York City and the United Nations Staff College, January 2001.

·   Contributor, Annual Progress Report on Poverty (Washington D.C.: World Bank, 1994, 1995 and 1996).



·   Why Political Competition Matters -- Leftist Parties and Social Development in India. Paper presented at the Annual American Political Science Association Meeting, Toronto, September 2009.

·   Presentation on The new U.S. Approach towards Afghanistan and the Region at the Expert Workshop on “International Engagement in Afghanistan – Experiences, Objectives, Perspectives,”  German Parliament, Berlin, April 20th, 2009.

·   Presentation on Afghan Relations at LISD Conference “Iran’s Role and Power in the Region and the International System”, Triesenberg, Liechtenstein, March 5 -8, 2009.

·   Afghanistan: Democratic State-Building at the Precipice. Paper prepared for the 37th Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, WI, October 2008.

·   Presentation on The Current State of Afghan-Indian Relations at a conference on “State, Security, and Economy in Afghanistan: Current Challenges, Possible Solutions”, Peterburg/Bonn, Germany, September 2008 and Brussels, Belgium, November 2007.

·   Panchayat Effectiveness in Kerala versus West Bengal: Or Why Political Competition Matters.  Paper to be presented at the April 3, 2008 meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago.

·   The Shifting Dynamics of Power in Afghanistan.  Lecture given at a honors conference on “Gold, Gods, and Glory: The Global Dynamics of Power,” College of William and Mary, October 2007.

·   Organizer of 2 panels on “State-Building in Afghanistan” and presented on Sequencing and timing in the debate over centralization versus decentralization – lessons for Afghanistan.  Annual conference of the British Association of South Asian Studies (BASAS), Cambridge University, March 2007.

·   Presentation on International Actors in Post-Conflict Settings: The Importance of Awareness of the Impact of Their Actions at a William & Mary Law Review Symposium on Constitution Drafting in Post-Conflict States, February 16-17, 2007.

·   Center-Periphery Relations in Afghanistan.  Paper presented at the Liechtenstein Institute’s Conference on State-Building in Afghanistan, Istanbul, Turkey, July 2005 and Vienna October 2006.