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Work on South Asia

Recent publications on Afghanistan:


·         “Afghanistan in 2009: Trying to pull back from the brink.” Asian Survey, Vol. 50, Issue 1, (January/February 2010).

·         “Afghanistan’s Neighbors: Trying to Understand Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian Interests in Afghanistan.” In: Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, ed., Petersberg Papers on Afghanistan and the Region, Princeton, NJ: Liechtenstein Colloquium Report IX, Princeton University, 2009.

·         Michael F Harsch and Rani D Mullen. “Afghanistan's Legitimacy Crisis.” ISN Security Watch, September 24, 2009.

·         William Maley, Marvin Weinbaum, Rani D. Mullen. “The Nightmare Scenario in Afghanistan”.  Foreign Policy, September 18, 2009. 


Recent interviews on Afghan elections:



Recent publications/Interviews on South Asian politics:


Comments on Indian PM Singh’s visit to the US:

·         Op-ed after visit

·         Op-ed before visit


On the Indian elections: