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Types of Sites We Seek to Recognize

African-descended individuals resisted enslavement through individual acts, organized resistance, and sometimes by establishing separate communities like those in the "Great Dismal" Swamp.  We seek to foreground and commemorate sites that include where the dehumanizing experience of slavery was lived and resisted, where rights were demanded, where freedom was forged and defended, and where individuals fought and died for the ideals of liberty, justice and equality.  We are especially interested in commemorations related to cemeteries, particularly their relevance to individual, family, and community stories and the testament to human dignity they may represent.  Other types of sites, including locations of resistance and buildings constructed by the free and enslaved Africans and African Americans, may also be important to mark. Richmond’s African Burial Ground, where Richmond’s African Americans memorialized their dead and where Gabriel (sometimes referred to as Gabriel Prosser) and his fellow revolutionaries were executed for organizing a slave revolt, is a good example of a site that continues to be commemorated for these reasons.