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Reveille A Cappella

Reveille – [reh-vuh-lee] noun. 1. a morning wake up call by bugle 2. a student-run, women’s a cappella group at the College of William & Mary. 3. an amazing group of girls who love harmonizing, blue shoes, and finger-snapping. ORIGIN: January 1992, Williamsburg, VA.

We pride ourselves on high-quality, high-energy vocal performances. Our repertoire contains a wide range of favorites from both the past and present that will entertain audiences of all ages and musical interests. Reveille performs at events of all sorts, from private parties to charitable concerts to holiday gatherings. 














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Reveille Officers for 2014-2015: 

Director : Sarah Nicholas ('15)
Assistant Director : Laura Arreaza ('16)
Business Manager : Alla Herman ('15)
Recording Manager : Laura Follansbee ('16) , Lindsey Hughes ('17)
Tour Manager : Megan Heim ('16) 
Secretary : Fallon Bridgeland ('16)
Historian : Lindsay Gould ('17)
Social Chair : Natalie Ward ('17)
Webmaster : Fallon Bridgeland ('16), Megan Heim ('16)