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The PLRE.Folger Database


Accessible online at and searchable in a variety of ways, PLRE.Folger, a project of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., is a database that consists of

       1) all the annotated book-lists that appear in the published volumes of PLRE and

       2) appended book-lists, which do not appear in the printed volumes and are identified in the database with Ad prefixed to the PLRE number. 

In addition to all the information found in the published volumes of PLRE cited above (with the exception of the biographical introductions), PLRE.Folger contains for each book listed as available: the dates, an identifier for each owner (usually a profession or vocation), and social status of the person associated with the book-list; the purpose of the manuscript containing the book-list (whether, for example, it was a will, an inventory or a receipt); the location in England where the manuscript was drafted and its date; the manuscript’s current location; and one or more classifications defining the subject categories of the work.

Thus far, the appended lists add eighty-one book-lists containing over 1300 books to those appearing in the published volumes.  As of January, 2019, PLRE.Folger consists of  380 book-lists containing a total of over 19,000 books, including entries of multiple books.