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Spring 2018 (Brendon, Bethany and Lauren stayed summer 2018)











L to R: Brendon Carnell, Bethany Kanter, Lauren Mazur, Daniel Speer & Sarah Bredenkamp. Daniel is off to UC Davis and Sarah is off to UC Irvine for PhD programs in chemistry ... good luck to them both!


Summer 2017

 RJH DJS SEB SEK Frisbee Golf_Small









Frisbee Golf at New Quarter Park (L-R = Hinkle (end of time), Sarah ('18), Bethany ('20) & Daniel ('18))


Summer 2014

Summer 2014










(L to Rt) Zack Perkins, Hannah Shenouda, Yuzhou Chen, Michael Lichstrahl, Prof. Hinkle; Missing: Jahan Cooper.


2013-2014 Students












Yuzhou Chen (M.S. Candidate, 2014) is currently working on expanding the scope of our cascade sequence toward 2,4-dihydro-1H-benzo[f]isochromenes (Org. Lett. 2013, 15, 4070-4073, ASAP published online 01 Aug. 2013; DOI


 Emily Willar









Emily G. Willard (B. S., December 2013) has worked on the ChAP (algae) project as well as expended great effort towards electron-deficient substrates in the oxocarbenium ion area of research. She is currently applying for industrial, or environmental jobs.


John Dudley










John R. Dudley (B.S., December 2013) has been evaluating the effects of additives on additions to cyclic oxocarbenium ions and is a Chemistry-Music double major. John is also currently seeking employment.


Jahan Cooper










Jahan Cooper (B.S. 2015) is currently investigating the use of a tandem intramolecular addition/cyclization toward a bicyclic natural product.

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