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Immigration Law and Service Society

The Immigration Law and Service Society aims to serve the immigration needs of the general community here in Williamsburg and educate the Law School community on a variety of immigration law matters and perspectives. Partnering with numerous non-profits and law firms, ILSS members volunteer at naturalization clinics to help permanent residents seeking citizenship. Members coordinate with immigration law practitioners and scholars to host roundtable discussions and workshops on immigration law topics. Members also coordinate several fundraising drives per year to gather and donate a variety of helpful items to recently transplanted refugee communities. Occasionally, ILSS hosts documentary movie and dinner nights for members to have a casual setting to learn further about and discuss some of the realities for many individuals battling and struggling with immigration law and enforcement. ILSS is continually developing ties with immigration law practitioners in the Virginia and DC areas to coordinate professional networking events with these practitioners who can provide our members with valuable professional advice and potential internship opportunities.