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SchoolHouse Block

At least 900 million individuals world wide are illiterate and cannot enjoy the freedom and joy associated with learning new things—SchoolHouse Block aims to change this—block by block, student by student, school by school.
What is Schoolhouse Block?
SchoolHouse Block is a non-profit organization at The College of William and Mary that works to mobilize students with educational opportunities to advocate for those without access to education. Founded on the blocks of sustainability, gender equality, public health, and global perspectives SchoolHouse Block gives students an opportunity to critically consider educational attainment and international development in Nepal.
What does SHB do?
We are currently fundraising for the construction of a schoolhouse in Nepal, an area in need great of improved education. Additionally, we serve the purpose of promoting awareness for the global demand for the betterment of education as well as volunteering in our own community to address local needs for improved education.

What makes SHB unique?
This organization engages students on the William and Mary campus to think critically of interdisplinary solutions to the education crisis by integrating ideas of "blocks"--sustainability, public health, global awareness, and gender equality--into its schoolhouse creation and planning. Find your block! (See the tabs on the left for more information)

Our mission?
The mission of School House Block is to mobilize students with access to quality education to advocate for students in other regions of the world without access to quality education.