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Healing a neighborhood dump:












Small chunks of labor within a larger vision can yield results.


  • Go Down Moses, a county-level presentation of the Emancipation Proclamation explaining and tallying how many slaves were not freed.
  • Measures of Time, a multi-panel presentation of historical origins for elements of our time- and calendar-keeping.

    Political Action

  • Bush I era
  • Bush II era


  • Radiant Strategies: A Framework for Sustainable Nonprofit Organizations. What administrative and communications elements are needed for a nonprofit organization to (a) survive, (b) become sustainable, and (c) take the mission viral?
  • Cashflow spreadsheet [xls] for nonprofit organizations. This template has the crucial feature of tracking amounts that are restricted by grants, etc., and therefore not available for general expenses. This information can save a lot of heartache.

    The Past

  • Fulton Images Link to Mayo Family, Richmond’s Early History (Powhatan Seat, Mt. Erin, St. Memin)
  • John Hyde and His Descendants (genealogy)
  • Johnson Family of Scott County, Indiana (genealogy)
  • Montgomery Family of Scott County, Indiana (genealogy)