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Information Literacy

Starting in Fall 2015, entering freshman students at Wiliam & Mary will have completed a summer online course that acquaints them with “information literacy” and prepares them to conduct research for their COLL 100 and COLL 150 assignments. The summer course resulted from a collaboration among Swem Library, the Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office, the Writing Resources Center, and the Center for the Liberal Arts.

I'm not sure where links are posted to the most current instructional videos; so here's the first set:

1. Video Welcome to the World of Information

2. Video The Nature of Information and Research 
2.1 Video Choosing a research topic: The Pre-search

3. Video Some Ways of Thinking about Information
3.1 Video Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sources
3.2 Video The Information Cycle

4. Video The Search for Information
4.1 Video Search by Keyword
4.2 Video Search by Browsing
4.3 Video Swem Library and the Catalog
4.4 Video Search the W&M Libraries’ Catalog
4.4.1 Video Basic Search
4.4.2 Video Advanced Search
4.4.3 Video The Catalog Record
4.4.4 Video Understanding Call Numbers
4.5 Video Databases
4.5.1 Video Find a Relevant Database
4.5.2 Video Find Information Within a Database
4.9 Video Special Collections Search Tools
4.10 Video Interlibrary Loan
4.11 Video Reserves

5. Video The Evaluation of Information
5.1 Video How Relevant is the Information Source?
5.2 Video How Reliable is the Information Source?

6. Video The Ethical Use of Information
6.1 Video Cite Your Information Sources
6.1.1 Video Anatomy of a Citation
6.2 Video Plagiarism
6.3 Video Citation Tools
6.4 Video Copyright, Fair Use, Open Licenses

7. Assistance and More Resources
7.1 Video Swem Library Website
7.2 Video Swem Research Desk and Library Consultations
7.3 Video Reeder Media Center
7.4 Video