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The Fraternity Experience 


Membership in Sigma Pi Fraternity is a life long experience. From the first moments of pledging to the Adytum on High, a member of Sigma Pi holds and maintains a unique idea of brotherhood. As a man who has been found to possess the correct attitude and academic potential to further the ideals of Sigma Pi, you have been invited to join into a brotherhood shared by more than 85,000 members that has spanned over nine decades. As pledges, you hold the potential for leadership abilities that may be developed more fully because of your affiliation with Sigma Pi Fraternity.

When a man is accepted as a member of Sigma Pi, he learns that a great deal of time and effort have gone into supplying material for his instruction. This may best be explained by relating the facts of what makes a chapter strong. A properly instructed and well educated pledge makes a better chapter member, and a better chapter member makes a better alumnus. Sigma Pi enables a man to not only build from his own experiences, but also allows him to learn from the experiences of others.

The hard work that accompanies a quality education is demonstrated repeatedly upon every application of those teachings. Sigma Pi relies on the belief that man's goal is to form a better world and enrich his surroundings with the application of wisdom and knowledge gained through education. Sigma Pi teaches the fundamentals for leadership ability, business, sociology, responsibility and general administrative skills. Members who are involved in the chapter and readily accept responsibilities are learning valuable lessons that will assist them in their decision making for years to come.

Being a member of Sigma Pi automatically gives you the distinction of being different and unique from your classmates and peers. Our Fraternity desires those men wishing to become outstanding members of Sigma Pi and leaders of their communities for years to come, even past graduation. With the assistance of the Fraternity and the ambition that the men of Sigma Pi hold, we hope that every member of Sigma Pi gains the utmost from not only this Fraternity but also from his college experience.

What is Rush? 

ShieldRush is a time of year early at the beginning of each semester where fraternities and sororities seek out new members to fill their ranks. Many formal and informal social events are held by the greek organizations during rush to engage students to consider thier respective fraternities. We encourage you to check out Sigma Pi's regular rush activities, including open houses, meet-and-greets at area restaurants, and other social events. You will find that no other fraternity at William & Mary compares to Sigma Pi. Scholarship Leadership Service

But why Rush?

Friendship, scholarship, leadership and community service are a few good reasons. Fraternity membership can provide you with the means to balance your many demands, excel academically, make lifelong friendships and enhance your college experience.

Brotherhood and the strong bond between our actives is what makes Sigma Pi different from other fraternities on campus. You join a line that goes back over 100 years and has more than 80,000 members. We became a part of William and Mary in 1931 and have seen over 670 alumni pass through our doors. Despite all this history, there are always new opportunities for you to take leadership roles and even create your own traditions.

Social Activity

With a social calendar that is possibly the best in Williamsburg, we definitely know how to kick back. We have multiple social events every week, including mixers with sororities, theme dances, formal and date parties, philanthropies, and concerts, just to name a few. Additionally, you can almost always find a group of brothers at one of our off-campus houses watching football on Sundays, or just hanging out and enjoying the college experience.


On top of all the fun, Sigma Pi still knows how to make the grades. We strive to maintain an equal balance in everything that we do to make the best out of our college career. Higer grades benefit the fraternity a great deal and in return a brother is always rewarded for his academic excellence. As a neophyte, academics will always be your top priority, and fraternity events and functions will never get in the way of you achieving the grades that you want to receive. Pledges also have mandatory study hours during the week that are lead and organized by active brothers, who double as academic advisors should you ever need any help.  


Sigma Pi AthleticsWe participate in many club and intramural sports. Each year we consistently compete for top honors in each sport. This year, we were champions in Intramural Dodgeball, and had teams participate in intramural flag football, basketball, floor hockey, and many others. We hold multiple championships in the Fraternity Cup, and are always looking to keep the title with Sigma Pi.

The Power of the Two Percent
Recruiters know that the fraternity experience prepares a man for success. Since the founding of the American college fraternity movement in 1776, fraternities have grown to symbolize leadership, independence, scholastic achievement and service to their various campuses and communities. Fraternity men represent a very small percentage, only two percent, of the male population in the United States. However, that two percent is a very powerful group of individuals. Here are a few examples:

- Approximately 80 percent of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies are fraternity men.
- The majority (71 percent) of those listed in Who's Who in America are fraternity men.
- Seventy-six percent of current United States senators and congressmen are fraternity men.
- Forty percent of the 47 Supreme Court justices since 1910 have been fraternity men.
- One hundred of the 158 cabinet members since 1900 have been fraternity men.
- All but two United States Presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men.

It is certainly no surprise that today's college and university students express a keen interest in the Greek system. The opportunities are endless, and the benefits speak for themselves. Each year, thousands of young men enter the working world with the competitive advantage of fraternity experience and alumni contacts.