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Research Areas

My research is in phonology, with a focus on phonetic motivations for phonological patterns. In particular, I have proposed that phonetic final lengthening is responsible for multiple phonological asymmetries. 

The CVC weight asymmetry: In many languages, word-final (C)VC syllables are light, although closed syllables are otherwise heavy.  

Lunden, Anya. 2017. Syllable weight and duration: A rime/interval comparison. In Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 2:1-12.

Lunden, Anya. 2013. Reanalyzing final consonant extrametricality: A proportional theory of weight, Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 16: 1—31. 

Lunden, Anya. 2010. A phonetically-motivated phonological analysis of syllable weight and stress in the Norwegian language. New York: Edwin Mellen Press. [Publication of my 2006 dissertation from UC Santa Cruz]

 Lunden, Anya. 2010. The weight of final syllables in English. In Proceedings of The West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. (Talk given at WCCFL 28, USC, February 19—21.)

The final lapse asymmetry: My current line of research proposes that word-final lengthening can be linked to the fact that many languages which generally have alternating, rhythmic stress allow a stress lapse to occur specifically word-finally. 

On-going stress correlate database project:

Lunden, Anya. 2017. Duration, vowel quality, and the rhythmic pattern of English. Laboratory Phonology 8: 1--20. 

Lunden, Anya. to appear. Explaining word-final stress lapse. In The Study of Word Stress and Accent: Theories, Methods, and Data. Goedemans, R., J. Heinz, and H. van der Hulst (eds). Cambridge University Press.

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Lunden, Anya and Nick Kalivoda. 2013. Right edge lapses, stress cues, and final lengthening. Poster presented at the 21st Manchester Phonology Meeting, May 23—25. 

Deschenes, Nick, Nick Kalivoda, and Anya Lunden. 2012. Evidence for final lengthening as prominence. Poster presentation given at the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 30, UC Santa Cruz, April 15. 

Deschenes, Nick and Anya Lunden. 2010. Abolishing the lapse asymmetry. In Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society. (Poster given at NELS 41, Philadelphia, PA, October 22—24.) 

 Other experimental projects:

Lunden, Anya and Kelsey Renoll.* 2017. Position and stress as factors in long distance metathesis. The Linguistic Review 34: 615—634.

 I am currently working with Vera Lee-Schoenfeld on the prosodic conditions of vP-fronting in German. 

I am also currently part of a research team investigating linguistic manifestations of schizophrenia:

Covington, Michael A., S.L. Anya Lunden,  Sarah L. Cristofaro, Claire Ramsay Wan, C. Thomas Bailey, Beth Broussard, Robert Fogarty,  Stephanie Johnson,  Shayi Zhang and Michael T. Compton. 2012. Phonetic measures of reduced tongue movement correlate with negative symptom severity in hospitalized patients with first-episode schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. In Schizophrenia Research, 142, pp 93-95.

Bernadini, Francesco, Anya Lunden, Michael Covington, Beth Broussard, Brooke Halpern, Yazeed Alolayan, Anthony Crisafio, Luca Pauselli, Pierfrancesco M. Balducci, Leslie Capulong, Luigi Attademo, Emanuela Lucarini, Gianfranco Salierno, Luca Natalicchi, Roberto Quartesan, and Michael T. Compton. 2016. Associations of acoustically measured tongue/jaw movements and portion of time speaking with negative symptom severity in patients with schizophrenia in Italy and the United States. Psychiatry Research, 239: 253-258.

Non-experimental research:

Lunden, Anya. 2008. Evidence for conjoined constraint disjunction in Creek. In Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, eds. Suzi Lima, Kevin Mullin, and Brian Smith, volume 2, 571—584. Amherst: GLSA Publications.

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