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Stress Correlate Database

This is an ongoing project to create a database of reported phonetic correlates of stress in the languages of the world by myself and Nick Kalivoda.

Each correlate (duration, pitch, intensity, vowel quality) is marked with a ‘1’ if sources report it to be involved in with the realization of stress in the language. Notice this does not necessarily mean being part of the realizations of all stresses in a straightforward manner (it might be a reported correlate of either primary or secondary stress but not the other). Correlates that are reported to be present “often,” “frequently,” or “generally” are marked with a ‘1’. It is marked with a ‘0’ if it is either reported to not be part of the realization of stress, OR if the description mentioned other factors but not this one, OR if it is mentioned as a possible correlate with a strong hedge (i.e. “may sometimes also include…” or optionally involves...)

The database also includes whether or not duration and pitch are used contrastively in the language, as well as whether or not the language tolerates a stress lapse word-finally, where ‘1’ means that there are at least some forms in the language with a final stress lapse, and ‘0’ means there are none. 

If you have an update on any language in the database, or stress correlate information on any language not in the database, please email me!

Stress Correlate Database