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Abbreviated CV

December 2016

Personal Information:


Terry L. Meyers

Department of English

Tucker 118

College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA  23187 

Fax: 757-221-1844;


3013 Downing Street

Williamsburg, VA  23185




Chancellor Professor of English Emeritus




Université de Paris, certificat de langue française, 1963

Lawrence University  A.B. (English) 1967

University of Chicago  M.A. (English; with honors) 1968 

University of Chicago Ph.D. (English; Dissertation: “Swinburne and Shelley”) 1973


Academic Positions:


1970-1973  Instructor in English, College of William and Mary

1973-1979  Assistant Professor of English, College of William and Mary

1979-1994  Associate Professor of English, College of William and Mary

1994-2009  Professor of English, College of William and Mary

2009-2016 Chancellor Professor of English, College of William and Mary 

1981-1984  Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, College of William and Mary

(Freshman/Transfer Advising; Honors Program Startup and Administration, including successful Grant Applications to NEH [$25,000] and Commonwealth Funds for Excellence; Transfer Evaluation; Development and Administration of the Writing Program; Establishment/Administration of Presidential Scholars Program; Coordination of Funds for Excellence Application; Kenan Professor Selection; Concurrent Student Program; Academic Requirements; International Studies;  Publications Council; Degrees Committee; etc. etc.)


1995-2001 Chair, English Department, College of William and Mary


2006-2007 Associate Chair, English Department, College of William and Mary


2007-2010 Interim Chair, Philosophy Department, College of William and Mary


Honors, Prizes, and Awards:


Ford Foundation Fellowship (University of Chicago)

NDEA Title IV Fellowship (University of Chicago)

Danforth Tutor (University of Chicago)

Alumni Fellow, College of William and Mary, 1973-1974

Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, College of William and Mary, 1980

Faculty Speaker, Commencement Candlelight Ceremony, 1979, 1981

Faculty Recognition Award, Swem Library, Spring, 1993

Victorians Institute:

Vice-President, 1976-1978

President, 1978-1980

Business Editor, Victorians Institute Journal, 1977-1979

Reader, article on Swinburne for Victorian Studies, 1976

Reader, article on Swinburne for Philological Quarterly, 1978

Reader, book on Swinburne for University of North Carolina Press, 1979

(invited later by Duke University Press to read the same manuscript)

Reader, PBK Competition entry (Letters of Tennyson), University of Virginia, 1982

Reader, literature textbook for St. Martin’s Press, 1983

Reader, AP English Exams, ETS, 1972-1984

Reader, preliminary AP English Exams, January, 1987

Reviewer for NEH, a proposal for a conference at Yale, “Byron and the

Drama of English Romanticism,” Spring, 1989

Reviewer for NEH, a proposal for a conference at the New York Public

Library  on “International Bicentennial Conference on Percy Bysshe

Shelley,” Spring, 1991

Reviewer for NEH, grant proposal to support an edition of the collected

letters of Christina Rossetti, Fall, 1994

Reader, article on Swinburne for Victorian Poetry, 1997

Reviewer for NEH, grant proposal to support an edition of the collected

works of P.B.  Shelley, Fall, 1997

Reader, article on Ruskin letters for Victorians Institute Journal, 1999

Reader, book proposal (Education, Victorian Archive Series), Oxford

    University Press, 2001

Reader, article on Swinburne for Victorian Poetry, 2001

Evaluator for Yale University Press on a proposal for a Selections from Swinburne, 2003

Reader of an article on James Branch Cabell at W&M for an American Literature journal ed. by Susan Donaldson

Reader, article on Swinburne for Victorians Institute Journal, 2006

Reader, article on Swinburne for Nineteenth Century Literature, 2010

Reader, book ms. on Swinburne for Ashgate Publishers, 2011.

Reader, article on Swinburne for English (journal from Oxford UP), 2012.

Member, National Advisory Board, University of Virginia, President’s Commission on Slavery and the University.

Reader, article on Swinburne for the Journal of Literature and Science, 2016.

Reader/contributor, entry at Virginia Encyclopedia for “Associates of Thomas Bray,” 2016


Courses Taught:


English 101/Writing 101   Writing

English 101-102    Introduction to Literature and Composition

English 150W    Poetry of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

English 150W    Tennyson, Swinburne, and Hardy

English 201-202    British Literature

English 201  The Art of Literature

English 204  Major English Writers, 18th and 19th Centuries

English 204  British Literature II

English 208  Contemporary Literature

English 301 Critical Reading and Writing

English 301  Advanced Writing

English 341  English Romantic Period

English 342  The Victorian Age

English 352  Twentieth Century British Literature

English 436  Aspects of the European Novel

English 436  The World Novel

English 475  Senior Seminar: 1) Pre-Raphælite and Decadent Poets; 2)

The Aesthetic Mode; 3) Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelite Poets

English 480  Independent Studies (American Short Stories, 1920’s;

Thomas Hardy; Swinburne)

English 494  Junior Honors Seminar (Tennyson and the Pre-Raphælites)

English 495-496   Honors (Rhymers’ Club Books; Wallace Stevens;

Tennyson; William Morris [2]; Hardy[2]; Carlyle and Morris; Robert Browning)

English  561 Tennyson and the Pre-Raphælites

English 580  Readings (Shelley and Blake)

College Course 301   Challenges to Tradition: The Late Victorian Age

(team taught, interdisciplinary course)

                  Africana Studies 306, Resilience in African American Communities (1 of 3 visiting instructors)

S.T.E.P (Summer Transition Enrichment Program for minority students)

Completed M.A. Theses Supervised: approximately 12), including theses on Swinburne, Tennyson, William Morris, D.G. Rossetti, Christina Rossetti, and Wilde


Fellowships and Grants:


ACLS Grant-in-Aid, Summer, 1975 (est. $1100)

NEH Summer Stipend, Summer, 1987 (est. $3700)

NEH Travel To Collections Grant, Spring, 1990 ($750)

Faculty Research Assignments, College of William and Mary, 1974; 1990; 2001-2002, 2010-2011

Summer Research Grants, College of William and Mary, 1974, 1975, 1987 (declined); 1988, 1989, 1992, 1994 (not funded)

William and Mary Mellon Fund Grant, Report on the Bray School Structure and Next Steps (Summer 2011, co-PI with Kim Phillips, History and AMST)




a) Refereed Publications:


“Swinburne’s Later Opinion of Arnold,” English Language Notes, 10 (December, 1972), 118-122.


“Swinburne: Four More Letters.” Notes and Queries, n.s. 21 (June, 1974), 216-217.


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Now scholarship, once satire:  “Oscar Wilde and Williamsburg: A Study,” The Review:  College of William and Mary, 17 (Fall, 1978), 13-14.


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“Benjamin Franklin, The College of William and Mary, and the Williamsburg Bray School,” Anglican and Episcopal History,  79:4(December 2010), 368-393.

My work on this has led to a number of by-blows, including interviews or articles in

The Chronicle of Higher Education (May 10, 2010)


The Washington Post (July 23, 2010)



                The article was picked up by the AP and was featured in a multitude of print and web sites around the country.


The William and Mary News (January 17, 2011)



Times Higher Education Supplement Magazine (February 26, 2011)


WHRO (local PBS Station) (March 1, 2011)


     I reworked the material as well in several other venues: 


“The College and the Bray School,” William and Mary Alumni Magazine, Spring 2011, pp. 50-52.


“America’s Oldest Standing Black School House Found in Williamsburg, Virginia,” by Priscilla Hart. History News Network, March 14, 2011.



      Reposted/Cited at



                  The research on the Bray School and the Digges House was featured in the official journal of Colonial Williamsburg:  See Paul Aron, “A Teaching Mission,” Trend & Tradition, I:1 (Winter 2016), 92-94.             


The William and Mary News during the summers of 2012, 2013, and 2014 featured my work as part of its coverage of the Bray School Dig at Brown Hall (the Summer Field School in archeology jointly sponsored by CW and W&M).  These stories were picked up in various places, including the Los Angeles Times.


See too the section on talks and presentations.


“Some Notes Relating to Swinburne’s Funeral,” Spring 2012, posted at The Swinburne Archive (and noted by a NINES reviewer as an “important illustrated essay on ACS’s funeral”).


“Samuel Henley’s ‘Dark Beginnings’ in Virginia.” Notes and Queries, ns 59:3 (September 2012), 347-350.


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Guilliver’s Travels, Book IV: A Possible Target in Virginia.”  Notes and Queries,    63:4(December 2016),  590-591.


b) Edited Volumes:


Scholarly Editions:


The Sexual Tensions of William Sharp: A Study of the Birth of Fiona Macleod, Incorporating Two Lost Works, “Ariadne in Naxos” and “Beatrice.”  New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1996.

Reviewed by Flavia Alaya, Victorian Poetry, 35:2 (Summer 1997), 236-239 and Franklin E. Court, Victorian Studies 40:4 (Summer 1997), 742-744.

See also “Pagans and Paganism,” The Oscholars, March 2002.

An excerpt from The Sexual Tensions of William Sharp: A Study of the Birth of Fiona MacLeod (1996).


Uncollected Letters of Algernon Charles Swinburne, 3 vols. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2005.

Reviewed by Rikky Rooksby, Victorian Poetry, 43:2 (Summer 2005), 266-274; by Richard Frith,  Journal of William Morris Studies (Summer and Winter, 2005, 144-148; by Margot Louis, The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies, 14 (Fall 2005), 115-118; and by Catherine Maxwell, The Yearbook of English Studies, 36: 2, (July 2006), 275-277. See too The Year’s Work in English Studies 86(June 2007), 746-747.  A brief review by Margot Louis appears in  Victorian Poetry, 43:3(Fall 2005), 384.


I update this regularly with additional letters and other material at a dedicated site housed at The Swinburne Project, ed. John Walsh, Indiana University:


Richard Manning Bucktrout Daybook and Ledger. Swem Library, College of William and Mary [2008].  On-line edition.

(Life and Death in Williamsburg, Virginia 1855-1867, co-edited with Carol Kettenburg Dubbs)


 “A Hundred Sleeping Years Ago,” Victorian Poetry, 47:4 (Winter 2009).

            (special issue, co-edited with Rikky Rooksby)


The Poetry of Sidney Alexander, December 2012,:

Alexander (1866-1948) was the winner of the 1887 Newdigate Prize for Poetry at Oxford.

            Reviewed at:



e) Invited Papers and Talks:


on the Pre-Raphælites and Simeon Solomon, Johns Hopkins University Friends of the Library 1978


on Swinburne, Georgetown University Friends of the Library 1980


on Swinburne and Parody, Philological Association of the Carolinas,Charleston, March 1986


on editing Swinburne’s letters, Friends of Swem Library, September 1994


on editing Victorian Poets, Christopher Wren Association, November 1995


on Swinburne, Christopher Wren Association, Town and Gown, April 2004


on the Dudley Digges House, Williamsburg Historical Records  Association, May 2005


on black education in Williamsburg, 1865, the Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable, April 2006


on the Dudley Digges House, Williamsburg Middle Plantation Club, May 2006; also York County Historical Society


on slavery at William and Mary, Williamsburg Middle Plantation Club, October 2008


as a plenary speaker at “Swinburne: A Centenary Conference,” University of London, July 10, 2009: “Swinburne's Editors, Editions, and Biographers”


on Swinburne and Mary Gordon Leith, a short talk at the re-dedication of an historic organ associated with the two, Northcourt, Shorwell, Isle of Wight, July 16, 2009


“Swinburne, Tennyson, and Matters Funereal,” Georgetown University Library, November 11, 2009

I gave an earlier version of this to the Tennyson Literary and Arts Society, Farringford, Isle of Wight, July 14, 2009


“Benjamin Franklin, the Bray School, and William and Mary: Some New Connections,” Africana Studies Symposium on “The Origins of the African Diaspora in the Historic Triangle,” William and Mary, March 19, 2010.


“William and Mary and the Bray School: Black Religious Education in the 18th Century,” The Colonial Williamsburg Equiano Forum on Early African American History and Culture, “Confronting Historical Myths of African American Illiteracy and Education, " October 30, 2010.


“’The Burning Fire’:  The Williamsburg Years and Poetry of Virginia Hamilton Adair,” November 5. 2010, Cal Poly Pomona, CA.


“Franklin, W&M, and the Bray School,” panel presentation at the conference on “Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies,” Emory University, February 4, 2011.


Participant on final plenary panel, Lemon Project Spring Symposium, March 19, 2011, Bruton Heights School, Williamsburg.


Participant on plenary panel,Universities Confronting the Legacy of Slavery: What Was Learned,” UVA Conference, Universities Confronting the Legacy of Slavery, October 17, 2014.


Talks on the Bray School to the Williamsburg Middle Plantation Club (January 4, 2011); the Cypher Society (former members of the W&M Board of Visitors [April 18, 2011]); for Colonial Williamsburg (Black History Month talk at the Hennage Auditorium), February 19, 2016; Muscarelle Museum, November 3, 2016 (seminar,“Reflections on Virginia’s Colonial Indian School: The Brafferton at the College of William and Mary.”


Talks on William and Mary and its history in regard to slavery: Williamsburg Landing Men’s Club, November 16, 2011; English Department Colloquium, November 21, 2011;  Southern Intellectual History Circle, Williamsburg meeting, February 24, 2012; Second Annual Lemon Project Symposium, March 17, 2012; Panel, “We are William and Mary,”  April 10, 2012; Town and Gown, October 11, 2012.; Episcopal Field Theologians Conference, January 2013; Virginia Universities and Slavery Conference, Charlottesville, VA, November 8, 2013; Academic Symposium, W&M Class of ’64, April 25, 2014; Bucktrout-Braithwaite Foundation, October 3, 2014. Universities Confronting the Legacies of Slavery, Charlottesville, VA, October 17, 2014.  All together (twice, spring 2016); regular speaker History 220.


g) Reviews:


review essay on Philip Henderson, Swinburne: Portrait of a Poet, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 75 (July, 1976), 456-458.


review of Kirk H. Beetz, Algernon Charles Swinburne A Bibliography of Secondary Works, 1861-1980, Literary Research Newsletter, 8 (Spring, 1983), 84-87.


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review of Yisrael Levin (ed.), A. C. Swinburne and the Singing Word: New Perspectives on the Mature Work. Notes and Queries.  59:1 (March 2012), 148-150.

(also invited to review this for Pre-Raphaelite Studies [declined])


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