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Getting Involved

There are many ways that members of Virginia21 stay involved in state government!

VA21 meets John Miller










 W&M Virginia21 meets with Senator John Miller.

Voter Registration

Virginia21 feels that making sure that young people have their voices heard in the General Assembly is crucial.  The foundation of being heard is being registered to vote.  Every year, Virginia21 trys to get as many students registered to vote as we can.  This is done through tabling, campus-wide announcements, and various other efforts.

Lobby Day

Every year, in February, Virginia21 members from across the state gather in Richmond to participate in Lobby Day.  This is where we meet with legislators face to face to try and push the Virginia21 initiatives for the year's General Assembly session.  We make sure that they know we mean business!


 Virginia21 has statewide meetings in Richmond every month with the chapter heads and members from all Virginia21 chapters.  They discuss our initiatives and what's going on in the General Assembly.