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Our Issues


General State Funding

With the implementation of the Governor’s Grow by Degrees plan, it is important to ensure that schools have the funding necessary to properly educate their new students. Thus, it is essential that state support for the College of William and Mary does not fall below 12.8% and state funding be increased to at least 15% of the College’s operating budget.


Financial Aid

It is critical to meet 100% demonstrated need of all students, lest they be burdened by debt. In the 2011-2012 fiscal year, 22% of students received grants or scholarships for aid, while only 9% of students received state-funded grants. The College of William and Mary and other Virginia higher education institutions should aim to minimize the number of students that are forced to take out loans and to increase the number of students who receive state- funded grants or scholarships.


In-State/Out-of-State Ratio

We oppose decreasing the percentage of out-of-state students below 35%. Diminishing the proportion of out-of-state students would cut revenues for higher education institutions and force these institutions to increase tuition for all students to remain financially viable. A strong in-state to out-of-state ratio promotes diversity of backgrounds and values on campus, creating a more dynamic learning environment.


State Support for Research

The relatively small size of the College of William and Mary is not indicative of the quality of research we can produce. In addition, the College provides unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate research. Receiving equal amounts of research funding per capita, relative to other state institutions of higher education, will keep the quality of our research strong.

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