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About VSA

VSA is an organization of William and Mary students interested in learning about and sharing knowledge of Vietnamese culture. As well as planning our own cultural events, we try to implement four main goals listed in our constitution:

We work closely with many of the other cultural organizations in order to teach each others of our respective histories and cultures. We are a part of the Asian Student Council (ASC), the umbrella organization for the six Asian organizations on campus, along with the Chinese Student Organization (CSO), Filipino-American Student Association (FASA), Japanese Cultural Association (JCA), Korean-American Student Organization (KASA), and South Asian Student Association (SASA). With these clubs we sponsor such events as the Harvest Moon Festival, Winter Formal, Lunar New Year Festival, and Horizons (formerly known as Taste of Asia). We also work closely with the Center for Student Diversity and take part in events they hold such as the Mosaic Festival.

We also try to welcome incoming freshmen by taking part in the annual Activities Fair held at the end of Freshman Orientation. The ASC also holds a freshman welcome picnic, usually at a nearby park, where we give the freshmen a chance to meet all of us as well as members of the other organizations.

Furthermore, we strive to build relationships with VSA organizations around the state.  We are all under the umbrella organization of MAUVSA.  We network with VSA organizations from George Mason University, Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, and University of Virginia. We try to support each others' events by attending (roadtrip!). We also try to meet once in a while for social outings.


Questions? Contact us through or any of the officer emails found under the Officer page.



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