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Why should you join VSA? want to have fun at college, don't you?


~One of the most important aspects of VSA and that of William and Mary in general is our sense of community.  Being away from home, away from old friends and trying to make new ones is difficult, but VSA is there to make this transition easier.  We will be your friends, your family, your community.

Social outings, parties, game nights or even just attending events together, VSA will be there for you throughout your college experience~


***Now, we do have club dues.  $5 a semester, in order to fund all the fun.  But the benefits of joining outweigh the costs tremendously!  As a due-paying member, you will get special privileges of course such as discounts on trips and free admission to all events***


How do I become a member?!

Attend our general meetings!  Meetings this semester will be held in Blow 333 on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm sharp!

Also, you may contact any of the officers through their email addresses listed on the officers page.


How do I get on your list serv?

It's really simple! Just go to our list serv and click on subscribe!