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In addition to holding events to encourage a better understanding of Vietnamese culture on campus, we also try to aid charitable organizations based in the Vietnam region. We work to raise awareness of these organizations and the problems they address, as well as donate the profits of some events to their causes. Some past activities we have performed toward this purpose are detailed below:

At our annual bubble tea sale, a large portion of our proceeds go to the charity that we support in a given academic year. Last year (Spring 2011) 50% of our profits were donated to the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation which works to reunite children who have been kidnapped and put into forced labor conditions, with their parents. The foundation also works to make sure these families have food on the table and the resources to ensure their children's education.


A Silver Screen Prom
held to benefit South Asian tsunami relief drives


"From Thailand to Somalia, the Sumatra earthquake and subsequent tsunamis devastated the lives of millions of children and families on December 26, 2004. Official UN figures now [as of 3/9/05] show the number of dead at more than 162,000 with almost another 143,000 people missing and presumed dead. Added to that, nearly 943,000 people around the region were instantly rendered homeless."
- U.S. Fund for UNICEF

On Saturday February 5, 2005, a Silver Screen Prom was held in the UC to aid tsunami relief. The prom featured a guest appearance by the campus Prom King, President Timmy J. Sullivan, as well as a dance-off and gift certificates. While admission was free, donations were encouraged. By the end of the night, $600 had been raised, and thanks to matching funds from a generous member of the Board of Visitors, $1200 was donated to help in the long-term relief of tsunami victims. This includes the purification of water, disease prevention, and restoration of infrastructure and institutions in the devastated regions.


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Girls Scholarship Program in Vietnam
c/o the Catalyst Foundation


"In Vietnam there are at least 50,000 homeless children of whom over 14,000 are to be found in Saigon. Children start working at least 8 hours a day at age 10 and earn less than a dollar a day. At least 7000 Vietnamese girls, some as young as 5 years old are being sexually exploited. Most are trafficked and sold for prostitution in Cambodia, China, and Thailand every year."
- Catalyst Foundation Website

During the 2003-2004 school year, money raised from our Harvest Moon Festival and Vietnamese Culture Night was donated to this cause. The money was used to give orphaned girls in the Little Rose Warm Shelter books, school supplies, and most importantly, helped keep the children in school. Please visit the Catalyst Foundation website for more information.


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Pictures courtesy of the Catalyst Foundation