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LGBT Climate
By Wouter Deconinck


I have been involved in a number of initiative that look at the climate for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,...) physicists in academia, in national lab, and in industrial settings.

American Physical Society

In March 2012, I was co-organizer of the first-ever session on the climate for LGBT physicists at a national physics conference.  The well-attended session contained four invited talk, and concluded with a panel discussion.  An article in APS News discusses the presentations and outcomes of the session.  Based on surveys of the audience we published recommendations for physics deparments.  Later in the Spring of 2012, I presented these recommendations to 120 chairs of physics departments in the US.

LGBT Physicists Resources

A good collection of resources can be found on the website. The content was compiled mainly by Elena Long, Kent State University, but is now curated by a more extensive list of individuals. It includes a growing 'out and ally' list of physicists who are out in the workplace or strong supporters.