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There are many opportunities for research in my group.  Here are only some examples of projects you could choose to work on (with an indication of the project duration and level of experience needed).

Compton polarimetry

With a Compton polarimeter the polarization of a beam of high-energetic electrons can be measured precisely.  When a high-power laser beam is collided head-to-head with the oncoming electron beam, the hit electron loses a little bit of energy and the laser photon is catapulted back with high momentum.  Both the photon and electron are detected and used to determine the electron beam polarization.  At Jefferson Lab there are currently two Compton polarimeter systems in use, one in Hall A and one in Hall C.  The Qweak experiment in Hall C depends crucially on the correct operation of the Compton polarimeter.

Qweak Experiment

MOLLER Experiment 

SoLID Experiment