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Houses are responsible for hosting one meeting activity, having their own get togethers, and showing the other houses who's boss.



Head of House: Diana Floegel

Members: Michelle Biwer, India Braver, Lydia Carlson, Diana Floegel, Amanda Hollinger, Bethany Lesser, Payton Phillips, Ann Rogers, and Claire Tinsley


Head of House: Rachel Jordan

Members: Haley Gannon, Christina Hartless, Rachel Jordan, and Katie McGhee


Head of House: Jenny Horowitz

Members: Kirsten Boakye, Katie Connolly, Melissa Dullum, Collin Henson, Stephanie Hertzenberg, Andrew Perry, and Kat Turk


Head of House: Shannon Lane

Members: Destiny Douglas, Shannon Lane, Gladys Shaw, and Dana Wood

House Points

Remember to come to meetings, dress up in HP apparel/house colors, win competitions, and hold House meetings to earn those points!

Meeting Attendance: 1

Coming to Meetings in HP Apparel/House Colors: 1

Bringing Food to Meeting: 5 or 10

Fanficition Submission: 10 per 500 words

Poems and Haikus: 3

Fanart: 5

Inter-House Competitions: varies

Hanging out with your house: 1 per person and 5 for every hour