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Executive Board


Elected Officers (Fall 2014 - Fall 2015)

Chairman: Kyle McCauley is the head of our chapter of college republicans and oversees all activities



First Vice-Chairman: Nathan Ritchie handles all of our campaign outlook and political contacts


Second Vice-Chairman: Phoebe Marie Brannock plans and conducts the weekly meetings.


Secretary: Phebe Meyer records the minutes for meetings and sends weekly emails.



Treasurer: Sumner Higginbotham balances the clubs finances and chairs fundraising campaigns.



Elected Officers (Fall 2013 - Fall 2014) 

Chairman: Kathleen Gayle

First Vice-Chairman: Ryan Corcoran

Second Vice-Chairman: Chris Buchholz

Secretary: Mellie Ligon

Treasurer: Kyle McCauley

Whip:  Nathan Ritchie


Elected Officers (Fall 2012 - Fall 2013) 

Chairman: Chandler Crenshaw

First Vice-Chairman: Evan Meltzer

Second Vice-ChairmanCassie Black

Secretary: Kathleen Gayle

Treasurer: Peter Lifson

Whip:  Ryan Corcoran


Previous Chairman:

Kathleen Gayle (Class of 2015)

 Chandler Crenshaw (Class of 2014) 

 Tyler Johnson (Class of 2013)

Will Clements (Class of 2011)

Thomas Chappell (Class of 2010)

Scott Morris (Class of 2009)