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WLS Executive Board


Women’s Law Society Leadership Positions 2012-13

Presidents - Lyndsay Maier and Liz Herron

Vice President - Kylie Madsen

Secretary - Amanda Fickett

Treasurer - Kaylin Gaal

Academic Chair - Lindsay Paladino

Public Relations Chair -  TBA

Social Chairs - Emily Lippolis and Beth Budnick

Website Coordinator - TBA


Sexual Assault Prevention Committee


Domestic Violence Task Force



Chair - Cassandra Roeder

Women’s Law Society Leadership Positions 2011-12

President - Lyndsay Maier

Vice Presidents - Michele Hunter and Jennifer Guiliano

Secretary - Jules Irvin-Rooney

Treasurer - Kathleen Cornelsen

Academic Mentoring Chair - Sarah Aviles

Public Relations Chair -  Amanda Lowther

Social Chairs - Eliza Epps and Lindsay Paladino

Website Coordinator - Amelia Vance


Sexual Assault Prevention Committee

Mary-Carson Saunders and Elizabeth Herron

Domestic Violence Task Force

Cassandra Roeder

Emily Lippolis

Emily Wilson



Women’s Law Society Leadership Positions 2010-11

President - Julie Silverbrook

Vice President - Emily Riggs 

Secretary - Kristen Brown

Treasurer - Lindsay Bouffard

Publicity Chair Stephanie Bitto

Social Chair - Sophia Chase

Mentoring Coordinator - Allison Huson

Guest Speaker Coordinator - Brittany Law

Website Coordinator - Amelia Vance

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our projects please email us and we will get you started! You may download a Request for publicity form here.

 WLS Board 2011-2012