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Constitution of the William and Mary Young Democrats


I)             Name—The name of this organization shall be the College of William and Mary Young Democrats.

II)           Purpose—The purpose of this organization shall be to foster the ideals and assist the candidates of the Democratic Party at the national, state, and local levels; educate the campus and community; and nurture a pro-active environment.

III)        Membership—Membership in this organization shall be open to all persons affiliated with the College of William and Mary who want to further the principals of the Democratic Party. In accordance with William & Mary’s Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation, membership in this organization shall be open to all on a non-discriminatory basis with regard to race, religion, creed, national origin, gender identity, provided however that, to the extent permitted by law, membership in organizations whose primary purpose is political or religious may be restricted to those members of the College community who have similar beliefs.

IV)        Officers and Duties

A)    There will be a President of this organization who shall:

1)      Preside at all meetings of this organization;

2)      Be the official representative of this organization;

3)      Determine the time and the place of club meetings;

4)      Set up committees and appoint, with the majority consent of the Executive Board, the chairpersons of those committees;

5)      Serve as ex officio member of all committees;

6)      Have other such duties and responsibilities as shall be deemed necessary for the efficient functioning of the club, as approved by a majority of the Executive Board.

B)     There will be a Vice President of this organization who shall:

1)      Serve in the absence of the President;

2)      Oversee all volunteer programs;

3)      Arrange and accommodate guest speakers;

4)      Perform other such duties assigned by the President

C)    There will be a Secretary of this organization who shall:

1)      Record and distribute minutes of the club meetings;

2)      Be responsible for the safe keeping of the club records;

3)      Be responsible for notifying the membership of coming meetings and events.

D)    There will be a Treasurer of this organization who shall:

1)      Be responsible for the club’s financial affairs including fund-raising, dues-collecting, and financial records management;

2)      Periodically submit a report on the state of the treasury.

E)     There will be a Outreach Chair of this organization who shall:

1)      Serve as a liaison to organizations on campus;

2)      Report to the executive board on activities of progressive organizations.

F)     There will be an Executive Board of this organization which shall:

1)      Consist of the aforementioned officers and of members appointed by the President;

2)      Plan meetings, organize activities, oversee committee work, and fulfill the club’s purpose stated herein.

3)      Meet in accordance with the President’s desired schedule.

4)      Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed so as to deny the right of any Executive Board member to participate of a hookah immediately prior to any Executive Board meeting

G)    A majority of the Executive Board or any ten dues-paying members may submit at a meeting of the club a request for a recall of an elected officer.  At the meeting following such a request, a recall election of said officer shall be held, with two-thirds of present dues paying members needed to remove the individual from office.  If the recall is successful, a new election will be held to fill the vacancy at the meeting following the recall election.  This election will be conducted in the same fashion as normal elections, and the recalled officer will be eligible to run for their former office.  Declarations of Candidacy for the office must be delivered to the Secretary no later than three days prior to the election, rather than the one week required for normal elections.  If the Secretary shall be the recalled officer, Declarations of Candidacy shall be delivered unto the Vice President.  Only a single officer can be recalled at any one recall election.

V)          Terms and Elections—Officers shall be elected in a meeting held in April for a term to last the following school year (April-April).  Elections will be held by secret ballot.  There shall be no restrictions as to the number of offices for which a member may stand for election, but no person shall serve in more than one executive office.  All officers must be elected by a majority vote of dues-paying members voting, whether voting absentee or in person during the election meeting.    If the election for any office shall not result in a majority winner, the top two candidates will enter into a run-off election. 

VI)        Dues


  1. Dues shall be set by the Executive Board, which may request a recommendation, either verbally or in writing, from the Treasurer on an acceptable amount of charge.  After adoption of a rate for dues, the Treasurer shall from time-to-time make available opportunities to pay dues and shall advertise such opportunities at regular meetings and on the club website; however, nothing in this article shall be construed as to prevent a member from paying dues at a time other than one publicized by the Treasurer.
  2. To cast a vote on any club matter, be it on a constitutional amendment, on a resolution, in a recall, or in a special or regular election, a member must have paid their dues to the Treasurer at least two weeks prior to the vote.  For the purposes of this section, two weeks prior to a vote shall be reckoned as follows: if a vote shall occur on the third Wednesday of a given month, dues must be paid on or before the first Wednesday of that month.  For the purposes of a recall election, two weeks prior shall be reckoned to be two weeks prior to the vote on recalling an officer so that no person who was ineligible to vote on recalling an officer shall be eligible to vote for a replacement.
  3. In addition, to vote on any club matter, members must attend 4 total meetings and events in the semester. Events can include campaigning activities. The President shall make any determinations regarding a member’s status, after consulting with the Secretary. A majority vote of the elected executive board shall resolve all disputes over membership.
  4. All dues collected after the deadline to pay to vote in the April election (2 weeks prior to the election) shall apply toward the next academic year and shall not take effect until the following academic year.

VII)     Meetings—Regular meetings of this organization shall be held at a time and place determined by the President.  They shall be held no less than every three months.

VIII)   Committees—Committees may be set up by the President as necessary.  Chairpersons of all committees shall be appointed by the President, with the majority consent of the Executive Board, and shall be responsible for appointing their own members.  The President shall serve as ex officio member of all committees.

IX)        Amendments—This constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the total membership of this organization after being tabled for one regular meeting.

X)          Ratification—This constitution shall go into effect immediately upon its ratification by a majority vote of the membership.


XI) Policy Compliance


  1. The College of William & Mary Young Democrats will abide by all college policies including the Student Code of Conduct, the Campus Alcohol Policy, and requirements set by the Office of Student Leadership Development. 
  2. The College of William & Mary Young Democrats agrees that it will not initiate, support, or encourage any events or situations that endanger the mental or physical health or safety of a student for any purpose including but not limited to initiation or admission into or affiliation with this group or organization.



v     Ratified as of February 26, 2001

Ø      Amended as of February 25, 2004

·        Stephanie M. Gabathuler, President

·        Mark G. Turnbull, Secretary

·        Amendment Proposed by the Executive Board: Changed Article V to allow candidates to run for multiple offices.

Ø      Amended as of April 13, 2005

·        Joelle E. Gotwals, President

·        Mark G. Turnbull, Secretary

·        Amendments Proposed by Logan Ferree (Outreach Chair) and Mark Turnbull (Secretary): Added Part G to Article IV; changed Article IV, Part A, Sections 4 and 6 to require Executive Board approval for those Presidential actions.  Article VII was similarly amended to provide for consistency in the Constitution.  Article V was amended to introduce run-off elections and require a candidate to win a majority for all elections.

Ø      Amended as of March 22, 2006

·        Mark G. Turnbull, President

·        Alina J. Harway, Vice President

·        Allison J. McIntosh, Secretary

·        Amendment Proposed by the Executive Board: Added Article VI and renumbered subsequent articles. 

Ø      Amended as of April 19, 2006

·        Mark G. Turnbull, President

·        Allison J. McIntosh, Secretary

·        Amendment Proposed by President Mark Turnbull: Changed Article V to restore the ability to vote absentee. 

·        Amendment Proposed by Secretary Ally McIntosh: Changed Article IV, Part F, Section 4 to current text; previously Section 4 prohibited officers from partaking of a “hookah” before any regularly scheduled Executive Board meeting. 

Ø      Amended as of November 30, 2016

·        Sahil Mehrotra, President

·        Emily Rheault, Secretary

·        Amendment Proposed by (then) Vice President Sahil Mehrotra: Changed Article III to amend the non-discrimination statement, added Article XI on policy compliance, amended article VI to introduce an attendance requirement to vote