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I finally got the lab website up.  What an endeavor.  Don’t ask me how this hour long project turned into an eighty hour project.  As usual, I went outside the box a bit.  Let me know what you think.  I’m happy to take feedback.  If there is info you really wanted, but didn’t see, tell me.  If there is info you did see, but didn’t want to, tell me.  Typos, tell me.  Grammatical errors, tell me (minus the stylistic debates, I live with an English teacher).  Even better, if you have relevant photos, send them my way!   I’m not trying to be Marc Zuckerberg, but I would like to have an informative and user friendly site that demonstrates my personality and is easy to maintain.   From time to time someone from my lab will post a blog here for your enjoyment.  This can range from scientific to whimsical.   I’m also contemplating a twitter feed, we’ll see if I have enough to say.  For now, enjoy the site, but not too much, honestly, being outside enjoying nature is better.  Thanks to Tribe Voices for hosting me.