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The Surface Interval

So one of the main goals of this club is to get a trip together for the year, maybe for at the end of Winter break, during spring break, or at the end of spring semester. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? How much to we want to pay? How do we want to pay?

Comment with ideas!

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I heard about this from the marine science socitety, its pretty cool. It has a lot of random stuff about the ocean. The perfect thing for procrastination during finals.

SO, I just bought a 3 by 5 foot Dive flag for $5 online. Pretty awesome. I figured that we can just design it to be like our Club flag and take it with us on Dive trips. If this idea is lame, then now I have my new wall decoration for next year. Its a win win situation. 

Miss getting your feet wet? Check out 

It doesn't really help fix the longing, but the site has a lot of good information about dive travel, gear, and training.

Hey guys,

So I found this cool website where you can find dive sites anywhere, even in VA. Check it out:

There's another quarry besides lake rawlings! Maybe we could make a trip to it, I think its near Fairfax. The santore wreck looks cool, anything with sharks is on my list. 

The only limits to what sites we dive are our certifications. PADI Open water certification allows you to dive to 60 ft. Of course, no one is going to check your depth gauge and yell at you if you go deeper, but it is always best to follow safe diving practices and dive within your certification range.