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At our second meeting, we discussed the upcoming Harvest Moon Show (being held on 09/23/2011 in Commonwealth) and we also learned how to properly wrap spring rolls. After the meeting, we had an impromptu Saigon Pearl trip.

Hello guys!  Here is what went down today, it was a brief meeting:


If you are interested, be a part of "I am William and Mary" which is a diversity campaign presented by the Student Assembly dedicated to celebrating the identities and personal stories of all members of the Tribe community while engaging in the story of our college.



Check out the facebook page for more information:


This is your chance to demonstrate why the College is a special place and why you are an important part of it.



is coming up this Saturday April 10th @ the SC Commonwealth.  Doors open at 5pm, show starts at 5:30pm. 


Tickets are $5 presale and $7 at the door


Jason will pick up food from Saigon Pearl the day of.


Bubble Tea

We had people sign up for Bubble Tea times to sell, and also people were assigned areas of campus to flyer.


Malisa will make the bubble tea and Angela and Kim-Anh will pick it up the day of and set up the tables in the Crim Dell Meadows.


Sale starts Friday April 16th @ 3pm until 6-7pm ish.


Each cup will be $1 and a portion of the proceeds will go to VNMAP or Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program.  For more information on VNMAP visit this link and also look at their brochure.



Don't forget Admitted Students Day coming up Saturday April 17th



The Execboard of VSA for the academic year of 2010-2011:

Co-Presidents : Angela Tran and Kim-Anh

Tresurer : Jason Cheng

Secretary : Chris Dao

Social Chair : Brianne

ASC Liason/Culture Chair : Sylvie

Historian : Lisa

Hey, everyone!

Here's a recap of the Harvest Moon Meeting

We went over the skit's script and casted people for the roles.

Congratulations to our members Tara and Kim-Anh who have been casted as villagers in the skit!

We also have gotten dancers for the traditional and modern dances, who will be in the videos.

People have been casted for the epic fight scene, too :)

VSA will be doing publicity for this festival so please help out by posting flyers, which will be given out on our next meeting, September 22 in Blair 219 at 7pm.

Once again, the Harvest Moon Festival takes place on September 25, 2009 at 6 pm in SC Commonwealth.

Hey guys!

To those of you who made it to the meeting, thank you!  I hope you had a good first impression of us :)  And for you others, please try to come out to our other meetings, you are always welcome!

Here is what we discussed:

Introduction of Officers

  • Malisa Savanh, President, Senior
  • Thuy Tran, Vice President (newly appointed!), Sophomore
  • Loretta Scott, Treasurer, Senior
  • Nara Yoon, Secretary (newly appointed!), Sophomore
  • Missing Officers: Sam Davis, Isshin Tesshima

Greeting New Members
Everyone introduced themselves and their year and majors. Someone's named sounded like "ice cream" in Vietnamese!

We brought up the W&M in Washington Program in case anyone was interested in applying, and went over ASC meeting notes to announce the ASC BBQ which will be happening next Friday Sept 11 at 6pm in the Jamestown BBQ pit!

UVA & WM Pho Fest
VSA is in the process of arranging a Pho Fest with the help of VSAers from UVA who can hopefully come down and hang out with us for a day and bond.  Coming up hopefully either this month or October.

VSA Karaoke Night
This year we will try to co-sponsor with KASA for this popular Late Nite activity.  It should be coming up soon, and always features great prizes.  We've given away ipods and giftcards in the past.  We also are looking for judges to the karaoke competition so email us at if you're interested!

VSA Culture Night
Mentioned culture night date (Nov 7) it will be discussed later...

Pho Trips
We are excited about the opening of the new Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Pearl, located next to Chanello's.  Definitely taking some pho trips there!  Also, we will go on Pho trips to Hampton (30 min drive) as well as weekend trips to Nova's Eden Center where Jason's father owns a Vietnamese restuarant and everyone gets to eat for free! (Open only to due paying members)

Bubble Tea Sale
Once a semester, VSA does a Bubble Tea Sale where we make our own bubble tea and sell it to students, usually on the SC Terrace area on a nice warm day :) Ideas are welcome!

Vietnamese Cuisine Weekends
Once a month or more frequently if it is in demand, we will host Vietnamese food socials in the Randolph Complex BBQ pit area as well as Cabell rooms 205 and 302!

Dues will be $10 per semester, meetings will be bi-weekly unless we have events going on and need to meet, and participation in events and socials are not mandatory but highly encouraged.  As a due-paying member you will have benefits such as social invitations and trip discounts!

We have "got pho" t-shirts which will be further designed and sold for whoever wants to buy some. 
Regular people: $15
Due paying members: $10

A Bit of Culture...Sam?
Sam, our culture chair (and ASC Liaison) who could not make it to the meeting, left us with information on a bit of Vietnamese culture.  This meeting he decided to show us Dat Phan, a Vietnamese-American comedian who won Last Comic Standing.  And shared this video link.

Vietnamese Lessons
We also discussed the possibility of having Vietnamese language lessons taught during the semester if there is enough interest in learning.  If you are interested, please email our Vice President Thuy at

ASC Introduction
The Co-Chairs of ASC (Asian Student Council) Agatha and Kristian came to introduce themselves to the club and talk about how ASC helps students of Asian multicultural organizations as the umbrella group of everyone.  For more information, see their website on our links page.

Harvest Moon Festival
This event is the most upcoming and pressing one, and it is strongly encouraged that you attend the interest meeting next Wednesday Sept 9 at 7pm in Blair 205.  Harvest Moon is huge fun every year, and freshman especially enjoy working on it.  Stories of lifelong friendships and bonding all start with participation in the Harvest Moon Festival.  We do this event jointly with CSO so it's a good chance to mingle, and there are a variety of ways you can help.  You can perform in the skit as an actor, dancer, or fighter (no previous experience in any of them is necessary) or doing backstage things like publicity and setup.  There will be more details at the meeting, but you have to show up for it :)

The meeting ended unexpectedly early, and so we were able to make it in time to have bubble tea at Friend's Cafe (to the chagrin of poor Kang who was just getting ready to close the place only to find 14+ people walking in ordering bubble tea...)  Bonding ensued and pictures will be posted on our facebook group!